Monday, August 10, 2009

So Fresh And So Clean

For some odd reason Sierra is obsessed with my clean, wet shirts. You know, the ones you hang up to dry? She loves them! The other day I had a few hanging on the chair in the basement and she took them all off and was cuddling and smelling them. When I tried to take them away from her she got furious! I relocated them upstairs to the kitchen chairs and she found them again. Then the banister (found them again) and then the couch upstairs. She was out of control! And every time I took one away from her she would get so mad. Its really pretty hilarious and strange.
Here are a couple pictures from a particularly fresh tank top hanging on the basement door knob today.

look at her taking it all in!

Wearing one of the shirts she was obsessed with from a few days ago(only it's dry now) Doesn't she look like a little monk?
What a funny girl!


Serena Cherry said...

What a cutie! She must love your detergent, you can never switch now! I love it.

Sommer said...

that is hilarious and adorable! What detergent do you use?