Thursday, April 24, 2008

Weekend Adventures

This post is a little late, but I've been waiting to write until I could get a picture of my new curtains actually hanging up! But before I display that, I'll tell you about our fun weekend! We have had so many good weekends lately!

On Friday I drove to Silver Spring to see Jacquie! We had the best day, it was so good to be back together again and have so many adventures like old times. We mostly spent the day shopping (what else would we do?) in downtown Silver Spring, which I might add is so cool! We went to California Tortilla for lunch-so good! Then we journeyed over to Pier 1 which is where I found my beautiful curtains! Luckily I had my Jacko with me, because she spotted the deal. Here they are!

We also spent a decent amount of time in Ulta looking at all the make up and nail polish and smelling all the perfumes. We each got 2 new nail polishes (and painted our toes when we got home).
Then we went to Ikea and obsessed over our favorite room-the black and white room. It's awesome and one day we'll both have a room just like it. haha Later that night Eric drove down and we played a little guitar hero until Ryan got back from selling and then we all went to the Cheesecake Factory. It was an excellent day!

Saturday we went to the driving range with our friends, the Cherry's! Here are a few pics (that I stole from Serena's page).
Chris helping Lane with her swing. (Eric's taking pointers for when he has to teach ours)

Chris & Eric

Then we went and got some delicious sushi (cooked for me and Serena). Later that night we went to dinner with our friends, the Mcdowell's, at Strapazza which was very tasty and then we ventured over to watch the UFC fights with Kye & Aaron again.

So that was our fun filled weekend. Tonight my sister Heather, her husband Ken & their little girl, Talia will arrive-so there will be many more adventures to come (but they probably won't make it to the blog for a week or two)

Monday, April 21, 2008

nail update

because i know you're all dying to know. (but mostly because i'm really bored at work) so it's almost been 2 weeks since my goal not to bite my nails and i must say i've done pretty good. none of my nails are massively short and they all still look fairly decent. there have only been a few mishaps when i havent had nail clippers near where i had to do a little 'evening out'.
so i should have my elephantastic pink nail polish now, right? wrong. the stupid stores are always out of the colors i want. why do places like ulta and sephora only carry like 2 of each color when opi comes out with a new line? it's unacceptable. so i'll have to keep checking back which is annoying when i deserve my reward.
i must admit, i did buy cajun shrimp (another delightful color from rip-off opi) before my week was even up so maybe this is my punishment. :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

2 Birthdays & a Visit

This weekend we celebrated Eric's Mom & Brother's Birthday's. On Saturday we went to Bonefish Grill for Kye's Birthday. Here we are with our bang bang shrimp-the best appetizer ever, it is sooo yummy!

On Sunday we went over to Eric's parent's house for his mom's birthday. Here is the cake we made her! (complete with a little pregnant belly action)

Sunday night we had my bff Jacquie & her husband Ryan stay with us. They are going to be living in Maryland for the summer while Ryan manages an office for Pinnacle! We can't wait to spend more time with them, it was so fun seeing them again! We didn't take any pictures while they were here but here is a pic of us with Jacquie at their wedding last December.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bad Habit

habit: nail biting
goal: no biting for 3 months*

yesterday i removed 9 white tipped acrylic nails. 9 because 1 came off on its own which led to the removal of the rest. i don't feel like going to get them done again so i am going to try really hard to salvage them. my nails suck and they break/tear/split really easily. i'm not sure if this is because i've always had a nail biting problem or if it is genetic. either way it's annoying. so far i have applied clear nail polish 5464454564 times today, picked it off and reapplied it.

*also today my mom told me to find out if you can have acrylic nails when you go in to deliver your baby because she took her friend for surgery and they made her remove hers. does anyone know the answer to this?
for these 2 reasons (being too lazy to get them done again & possibly not being able to have any during labor) i need to let my own nails grow.

if i can go 1 week without any of them getting shorter i am rewarding myself with this little treat.
it's called elephantastic, it's from the spring/summer 2008 collection and i want it. bad.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cute Husband, Baby Stuff & Fight Night!

Eric is so cute. He just randomly came home with roses for me on Tuesday, it was so unexpected! I made him pose with them & I told him to look like he was proud of himself. haha
We also went to pick up our stroller Tuesday night! Our first big purchase for the baby! (well my parents' first big purchase-thanks mommy & daddy!) I had to pick a unisex one which was really hard because unisex usually means it looks more like it's for a boy than a girl, but I finally found one that I really liked! Of course the second Eric saw it he said it was definately more girly, but I think it works for both. This picture doesn't really do it justice, it looks way prettier in person. This past weekend was really fun, Saturday night we got takeout at Chili's with some friends and then got coldstone. We watched Into the Wild at their place, it was nice to just visit and relax!

Last night we went to Eric's parent's to watch the UFC fights with Kye & Aaron. Aaron brought pizza's-one with jalepenos which they were obsessed with trying to get each other to eat and Kye made his famous, delicious crab cakes! It was fun hanging out with the boys and I actually don't mind watching the fights!

I know this post is really random, but I guess I had some catching up to do! Yesterday after work I didn't feel like going straight home so I stopped off at Target and just walked around-which is never a good idea because I ended up spending a little more than planned. We put up a little glass shelf in our bathroom a few months ago and I never found anything for the top shelf so I ended up getting a few things for it. I think it looks cute and helps our ugly apt. bathroom be a little more attractive for now. :)
I also discovered a new body wash-dove grapefruit & lemongrass-i love it! Anyways, enough randomness for now...