Friday, January 23, 2009

Bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S

That's right. Sierra had her first taste of bananas (if you can call them that. they were pretty gross.)

Despite Daddy's comments about her not looking too stoked, I think she loved them. She ate the whole bowl and then sucked on the spoon for half an hour afterwards. I love how she starts sucking on her one finger at the end too. So cute.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Christmas Cousins

My Mom loves to make her grandchildren match. So we decided to do a photo shoot. It's surprisingly difficult to get a 3 week old and a 5 1/2 month old to both look at the camera and smile (ok not that surprising) Here are a couple of the million pictures that were taken.

Boxing Day

For those of you who are not familiar with the term 'boxing day' it's the day after christmas in Canada (and a few other countries). Similar to Black friday in the states. Tons of big post christmas sales.
We spent our boxing day shopping with my little sister and her boyfriend and then later having a family christmas dinner.

Russ & Sierra ready to go shopping!

The gang preparing dinner

Amby & me

Amber setting up the camera to take a group shot

the group shot

Sierra playing while we eat

the mean boys making little cinderella clean the dishes

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Christmas Day

We spent Christmas morning all together at my parents house (my sister and her husband and 2 little girls slept over) In the afternoon we went to Oma's house! The get together at my Oma's is always very entertaining and it is becoming huge now that the cousins are getting married and having babies. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from that (yet).

Christmas breakfast for the little one

A little gymnast

Admiring daddy's kaliedescope homemade by mommy (it was late when i made it and we thought it was hilarious at the time. oh dear.)

Sierra's first doll!

Eating a present

Heather & the coveted Aritzia hoodie!

Yay for new jeans!

Talia showing her little sister her new fairy necklace. So cute!

Amber modeling her new 'house coat'

Talia giving Grandpa a foot high five instead of a hug because she was sick

Overwhelmed by the christmasness

Ready to go to Oma's with Russ

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas in Canada!

I know this post is massively late but I forgot my camera and we had some technical difficulties getting all the pictures from other people onto this computer. Oh well, better late than never right?!
We spent Christmas this year at my house in Canada. There were plenty of family and friend get togethers and it was so nice to be home to celebrate! Plus my sister had just had a baby girl so we got to meet her for the first time!
Here are pictures of Christmas eve with my mom's side of the family:

scarves for the girls from gramma!

Sierra & Talia meet again-so cute!

Reading the Christmas story

Helping daddy open his pjs!

Matching PJS! (tradition! lol)

Heather & her new baby girl, Katrina Lynne

Uncle Ken holding a half nakey Sierra

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Macy's Mouse

That's right. Last night we were at the mall on the bottom level of Macy's looking at shoes and we saw a mouse. Disgusting. Enough to make me never want to shop that level again. (p.s. it creeped me out just to search mouse on google images. i hate rodents)

I was going to end the post there but I just remembered another story involving a mouse that i meant to blog about a little while ago but decided not to. We got a new dryer a couple of months ago and after the delivery guys left i went in to the laundry room all excited to finally be able to do laundry in my own home and found this little gem in front of the washer:

SICK! Needless to say I didn't do any laundry that day.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I have a cute husband.
Last night for FHE he told me to be ready at 6:00 because we had plans at 6:30.
He wouldn't tell me what we were doing so I told him I couldnt get ready unless I knew some hints.
So finally he told me it was for me, it was an only girl thing, it would be warm inside and it wouldn't involve walking.
So obviously I knew he was taking me to get my nails done. (obvious because 10 minutes earlier he asked me how hard it was to get my walmart broadway brand nails off-sometimes when my nails get really hideous i have to resort to doing them myself. they actually look pretty good but are so annoying because by the 2nd or 3rd day of having them on i am constantly regluing them because they start coming off. not the best quality. but what can you expect for $5.00 at walmart?)
That was a huge tangent. anyways the point is my husband is really cute. and i love him. and my newly done nails.
He is on a business trip in New Jersey until tomorrow night and we miss him already!

being cute on his birthday at Chili's a couple weeks ago

Half a Year Old!

I cannot believe my little munchkin is 6 months old today! Where has the time gone? She is getting so big! I can hardly even remember her as a newborn now.
Some new things she is doing these days:
-scooting like a pro. if there is something she wants she will get to it.
-trying to escape from: her bouncer, her swing, my arms...basically everything. she will try to turn over in or get out of anything. it is becoming hazardous.
-eating solids! she has been eating rice cereal like a pro and loving it.
-hitting things. if she is near anything hard she will slap it with an open hand over and over again she also likes to take her toys and hit them against things.
-new sounds. such as mamamamama and dadadadada i know shes not really meaning for it to sound like that but it does. it's funny.
-she is really easy to get to laugh. it is so funny and loud. she will burst out laughing at the smallest thing. so fun!
-she is still scratching everything but has added pinching to her favorites.
-she pulls a cup of water to her mouth and licks water out of it. so funny!
And some new pics of the little rascal:

being good in her bouncer

turning over in her swing

That's all the pics for now. I know they're kinda lame. But I'm saving the good ones for my seriously delayed christmas post.