Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Half a Year Old!

I cannot believe my little munchkin is 6 months old today! Where has the time gone? She is getting so big! I can hardly even remember her as a newborn now.
Some new things she is doing these days:
-scooting like a pro. if there is something she wants she will get to it.
-trying to escape from: her bouncer, her swing, my arms...basically everything. she will try to turn over in or get out of anything. it is becoming hazardous.
-eating solids! she has been eating rice cereal like a pro and loving it.
-hitting things. if she is near anything hard she will slap it with an open hand over and over again she also likes to take her toys and hit them against things.
-new sounds. such as mamamamama and dadadadada i know shes not really meaning for it to sound like that but it does. it's funny.
-she is really easy to get to laugh. it is so funny and loud. she will burst out laughing at the smallest thing. so fun!
-she is still scratching everything but has added pinching to her favorites.
-she pulls a cup of water to her mouth and licks water out of it. so funny!
And some new pics of the little rascal:

being good in her bouncer

turning over in her swing

That's all the pics for now. I know they're kinda lame. But I'm saving the good ones for my seriously delayed christmas post.


Ryan and Jacquie said...

cute pics. she sounds so entertaining. i'm sure she is...she's the spawn of you and eric (both highly entertaining) love ya!

Maria said...

She is so cute! I'm glad we were finally able to meet her and to see you guys! Love ya!