Friday, June 26, 2009

The next few days we hung around the house, went shopping, watched Amber in The Relay for Life, visited my sister Heather and her two little girls in Kitchener, and finally reunited with Eric again!

Getting treats from Grandpa

Relay for Life

Sierra LOVES the old school Little People

Me and Heather abandoned my mom with the kiddies while we went shopping!

At the delicious Cora's. Look at those Masterpieces!

Sierra's first date

While I was back visiting I was able to meet up with my oldest friend Robin & her little boy Jack (who is only 2 months older than Sierra) for a play date.
Sierra & Jack are hilarious together. They are both wild and adorable and we had so much fun with them.
Sierra had a couple firsts while we were there. First date, first pudding painting experience, first slide experience, and first bath with bubbles and a boy! haha
Thank you Robin for making it such a fun day for us. We can't wait to come play again!

The pudding finger painting begins!

Ok so they mostly just ate the pudding...

and smeared it on their faces...

and loved every minute of it.

They obviously got very dirty from it and needed a bath.

Lunch time!

Sierra wore Jack's old shoes to play outside and we thought it was hilarious because she looked so ridiculous in them. Her black shoes and white hat make her look like a little amish baby. haha

Loving the slide

Jack and Robin

Hating the slide.

Matt & Vicky's wedding

One of the reasons we went to Canada to visit was because two of my close friends from high school, Matt and Vicky, were getting married to each other!
It was so nice to be there especially since I had to miss Matt's twin brother Mark's wedding the year before because of Sierra's timely arrival :)
I got to see some old friends from high school. It was kind of a mini reunion and I felt like I was back in high school again.
It was a beautiful wedding and Vicky made a beautiful bride.

Me, Vicky & Matt a couple years ago

The flight

OH MY! I have SO MUCH to catch up on! I've been avoiding it since we got home Tuesday night.
First of all THANK YOU for all of your comments on flying. They were a huge help and the flight went very smoothly. I let Sierra crawl around the airport a lot before we boarded. I was a stressed mess but the packed airport seemed to be amused by her speedy crawling everywhere. The lollipop was perfect for take off. She LOVED it and it kept her occupied for a while. They sure make a huge mess though! She dropped it at some point and I never found it so it was probably stuck to the person's bag behind us. Oops! But seriously which would you rather have? A screaming baby in front of you or a sticky bag? lol
I got her a new toy that suctioned onto the tray which was great because she couldnt throw it and I was lucky enough to get an aisle seat, a nice man who had kids and an older lady who loved Sierra, sit by me.
She just started getting fussy when we were descending so it's a good thing it was only an hour flight.
It was a relief to see my Mom and little sister, Amber waiting for us when we got off. We went to Olive Garden for lunch and then off to the mall to do some shopping in the states (I fly into Buffalo, NY when I go home because it's a lot cheaper than an international flight) before we got back to Canada, the land of expensive everything and high taxes.
We were exhausted when we got home!
The next day I FINALLY got my hair done after 6 months of nothing so it was much needed.
On to the next post...

Monday, June 1, 2009


I'm going to Canada to visit my family on Thursday and it's going to be my first time flying with Sierra. I'm so nervous about it! I swear I almost had a panick attack in the tanning bed the other day thinking about it.
Sierra is not one to ever sit still. She is constantly on the go and I'm afraid she's going to freak out and start screaming if I don't let her down to play on the plane. Does anyone have any suggestions for me of how to keep her calm and avoid a disaster and lots of dirty looks on the plane? lol I'm also nervous about her ears popping!
I've heard a lot of people say that their doctors prescribed them benadryl to make their babies sleepy. But of course mine says they won't prescribe anything, they don't recommend it and to give her a lollipop to suck on. What? Does that actually work?