Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A visit from Maria, Trevor and Little Reese!

A couple weekends ago, our good friends, the Gilbert's, from BYU-I were in Pennsylvania visiting Maria's family. We usually try to get together everytime they come and have only missed one year so far since parting ways!

We met up halfway at Chili's. It was so fun this time because Sierra and Reese are the same age and could actually communicate. They were so cute together. I didn't get any pictures of the adults but I did get a few blurry ones of the girls playing outside after lunch.

they were pretty excited to find the rocks.

For some reason Reese's face is blurry in every picture. Oh well, they're still so cute. See you next year guys!

27th Birthday

I just realized I never posted about my actual birthday. It's only a month late. haha We didn't do much this year since I was about to pop and Eric's parents were out of town. OH and Eric left for Spain the day before. Just a small detail. Luckily I have awesome friends who took me out for dinner while he was gone, so it was a little less painful. ;)
a little celebration 2 nights before Eric left. i don't look very pleased. maybe i had severe heartburn. (also all the other pictures sierra had her eyes closed or they were blurry-don't worry we got a new camera for christmas!)

Shelby, Jen, Krystal, me and Alyssa at Bertucci's. Thanks girlies! Whose birthday is next?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Winner!

This morning I was going along, reading my blogs and at the end of a decorating blog that I follow called A Soft Place to Land, I saw my name! I actually won a giveaway! I was so shocked! Ocassionally I'll enter giveaways and NEVER win so I was pretty excited to see that I finally had.

I won two ornaments from Lisa Leonard Designs. She makes really pretty necklaces and bracelets and a few other things too. I think I'm going to get an ornament for Sierra and the new baby with their names and 1st christmas engraved on one of these little beauties:

Aren't they SO pretty? Thanks Kimba and Lisa!

Monday, November 29, 2010


This year Eric's parents were in Utah and Ryan and Alyssa were in Texas for thanksgiving so it was just us and Kye left. We invited our good friends the Atkinsons over and I did my first thanksgiving! It was actually really fun. Krystal and I split up the menu and everything turned out great!

the adult table

the little girlies table

i was so mad because this centerpiece that i made wouldn't fit on the table with all the plates and stuff! Oh well, it still looked cute on the food table. ;)

sierra and victoria were so cute. they loved their little table and were so funny together the whole time.

chowing down

kye, eric, shawn and krystal

me, eric, kye and shawn

the little girls got a little out of control with some stickers. haha

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Early Birthday Celebration

My birthday's not until next Sunday, but Eric's parents are going out of town tomorrow to be there for when Ashley has her baby girl for a month so they won't be here for my real birthday. My sister in law, Alyssa's bday is the day before mine so we usually celebrate together. We had a little cel e bration last Sunday!

my little helper

licking icing off the counter...

the hilarious cake. it had some sliding issues. it looks like a little mouse got into the side of it too. dont worry though, it tasted delicious!

the two birthday girls with our little girlies.


sierra with grandpa

our little family

ryan, alyssa and maci

maci wanted some presents too

the girls made christmas wreaths while the boys watched the kiddies and sports and talked their hearts out. it's what they do best!

Happy Birthday to us! More celebrations to come...

Friday, November 12, 2010

1st Haircut

Sierra's hair has been getting pretty straggly lately. I've been putting off getting it cut, but it finally had to be done.

She did great, we took her to Planet Kids and everyone was so nice there. She got to watch Dora while she was in the chair and didn't get upset at all!

Here is a really good example of a before:

She looks way too grown up now and I miss her long hair, but I suppose it had to be done. She was starting to look like a bit of a raggamuffin.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The little kitty

Sierra was a kitty this year for halloween, she dressed up a total of 4 times and was probably so sick of that costume by saturday night!

Thursday morning we went to a little halloween party

Victoria, Nora, Sierra, Abrams, Jake and Josh

Thursday night we took Sierra to a photoshoot in her costume, I can't wait to see how the pictures turned out!

Friday night was our ward trunk or treat. Sierra loved going to all the cars, getting candy and saying trick or treat! she thinks her candy bag is a trick or treat and asks where her trick or treat is daily now. lol

Saturday night we had a family party. The food was delicious! We didn't do as much as last year, this year just seemed more hectic for some reason, but it was still fun! We had wisconsin cauliflour soup with panera bread's french baguette, ghostie potato skins, chocolate witch cupcakes with cream cheese icing, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, ginger snaps, old bay seasoned pumkin seeds and mimi's yummy punch!

I can't wait until next year when we can actually take Sierra out, door to door trick or treating, I know she'll love it! Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

This weekend we took Sierra to the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins. It was pretty fun, besides the fact that I had to use the port-a-potty and it was really hot, which I didn't realize until we were dressed and going out to the car. Basically we shoul'dve been wearing shorts.

Sierra loved the hayride. It was reallly slow.

29 weeks prego, and looking it.

I love the way she's leaning on Eric's leg in this picture. Too cute.

boiling hot in all her layers,