Thursday, September 30, 2010

So last night I went out to the car to get something and on my way back to the house, i ran up the stairs and tripped and banged my knee and hurt my wrist. as if that wasnt embarassing enough, my flip flop went flying off in the catastrophe and i had to stay out there looking for it! As the night went on my knee got more swollen and my wrist got more sore.

Then I couldn't fall asleep. I finally fell asleep at 8am. At 8:20 am i woke up to a drip on my pillow. Oh, did i forget to mention that it had been raining all night, and still is? sierra didn't get up until 10 so i at least got to lay in bed for a while listening to drops.

so now i have bowls all over my bed catching water, it's still raining, my knee is still swollen (my wrist doesnt feel too bad though haha) and i am up with a little munchkin on 20 minutes of sleep.

nap time cannot come fast enough today! (assuming the ceiling doesnt fall down on my bed before then)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kauai, Hawaii

At the beginning of this month Eric had a business trip to the best place you could have a business trip, really: Hawaii! AND I got to go! It was so great, best vacation place ever. I've always wanted to go to Hawaii and it was everything i'd ever imagined. It's so relaxing and beautiful there. Eric was supposed to have 2 days of meetings but they ended up cutting it back to one so it was perfect. I could've stayed there for another few weeks (but i'd have to have shipped Sierra out. Eric's awesome parents watched her for us while we were there and we definitely missed her a lot by the time we got back.)
OK, now on to the pictures! (which i didn't take enough of because i'm pregnant and no one enjoys pictures of themselves while they look hideous)

At Duke's with their famous Hula pie

Eric enjoying lunch, poolside

At Eric's work reception dinner thing (looking rather whale-ish)

Dinner at Kintaro-a japanese steak and sushi place. We went with Eric's boss and another friend from work and their wives and basically ordered everything off the menu

This was hilarious because a guy offered to take our picture for us and told us he had the perfect spot because the lighting was really good. We thought the setting was kind of hideous.

We went on a catamaran ride/dinner cruise with Eric's work to the Na Pali coast. Eric felt sick the whole time (7 hours) The dolphins were so pretty swimming along with our boat and we were SO close to them, it was really cool.

It was a little windy haha

Eric lasted for about 5 minutes snorkeling because the waves were making him sick. Poor boy. So I snorkeled around like a loner for a while. haha

One of the Indiana Jones movies was filmed here.

Eric thought it would be attractive if I did the same thing as this guy for a picture. It was a little difficult to get my knee up so high.

The beautiful pool and resort

Eric loves his Jamba Juice

Our pretty room

On our last day we went on a kayak/hike adventure to a waterfall on the wailua river. (Thanks for the recommendation Michele!) It was so worth it, probably our favorite part of the trip.

Us with our sweet water shoes and hiking sticks.

Our crazy guide, she was SO out there, but fairly amusing. She told us that she planted all of her children's placentas under trees at her house so that when they eat the avacados or whatever kind of tree it is, it has their dna in it and keeps them healthy. she also has all of her kids umbilical cords in her freezer and told us to do the same with our next baby.

Someday we will definitely go back. The flight is torturous but it was well worth it. Sierra was so cute when we got back and still tells me a couple weeks later a few times a day "I missed you mommy!" So cute!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


We have a really pretty man-made duck pond near our house that we took Sierra to last year for her birthday. She was terrified of the ducks.

This year she loves feeding them! She gets a little apprehensive when they come too close though, since she's gotten nipped on her fingers twice. ( sometimes she gets distracted and holds a piece of bread out without throwing it and the ducks get a little antsy and just take it out of her hand)

It's hilarious to look back at how different she looked one year ago. Good thing she finally got some hair!