Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fan Land

Another day in fan land....I'm not sure if it will ever end. Our phones are working now but half the time i dont even hear them because the fans are so loud. lol

To anyone who is watching American Idol-I adore David Archuleta! He is so cute and his voice is so pure and perfect! Michael Johns and David Hernandez are pretty good too. I can't stand Chikezie and Eric despises Noriega but I kinda like him, he's amusing. Girls tonight!

So I swear my stomach got bigger overnight last night. And I've been having this pain in my lower abdomen on the left, has anyone else experienced this while pregnant? It's scaring me! What side is your apendix on? lol

Well this post was pretty pointless but I needed a break from playing solitaire and minesweeper. So there ya go!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Garage Trouble

Last night me and my buddy Laura decided to go to the mall for one last outing before she leaves for Chile on Friday for 4 and a half months. We were in Garage and they have the coolest change rooms ever. They have chandeliers and sweet wallpaper and we thought we needed to have a photo op in them.Well apparently you're not allowed to take pictures in change rooms or have two people in them at the same time and we got yelled at. We felt like 12 year olds. It was pretty funny. I'll miss my Laura while she's gone. :( Here are some pics of our adventures...and of my prego belly for those of you who have been DYING to see it. hahaha

note the awesome wallpaper

sweet hair

prego...don't ask me what i'm doing with my face. lol

Currently Servpro is here cleaning up the water damage. It is really annoying (i hope they can't see me writing this) They are vacuuming and it is so loud and obnoxious. It keeps making a squealing sound and for some reason my computer screen is vibrating. Also it is freezing in here. It doesn't help that they are now setting up fans to blow cold air at me for 3-5 days. Good thing I wore a coat!

This is where the sprinkler broke and where most of the damage was done.

This garbage pail filled up completely with water 3 times! The white stuff is from the ceiling tiles and dry wall.

A random spot in the front of the office that ruined a bunch of papers and envelopes.

On the plus side American Idol and Big Brother are on tonight! So that is exciting. Is anyone else obsessed with Big Brother?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sprinkler Disaster!

So I walk into work today and there are garbage bags covering everything, the phones don't work, the carpet is soaked, everything is moved around and there is a huge whole in the ceiling with garbage pails everywhere holding water. Apparently the sprinkler system broke on friday, it's pretty much a disaster. Hopefully the building manager will get it fixed soon. Although it was kinda nice not to have to answer any phones today. :)

Aside from that our weekend was really fun! Friday we went to Chili's and then to a movie with Shelby & Kyle, a couple from the Winter's Run ward. Saturday we went maternity clothes shopping and I got some cute navy cords from mimi maternity and a bella band! Sunday we went to an oscar party at Chris and Serena's, a couple from our ward along with 3 other couples & their kids. It's hard to believe that soon we'll have a little girl of our own running around! I am so excited and SO ready for her to be here already.

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Blogging Begins!

Everyone has been bugging me to start a blog for a while now and I've wanted to but I just haven't had time. So now that I'm pregnant apparently that gives me a reason to start (and I have the day off so I have some free time on my hands) So here I am starting my first blog! If anyone has any tips for me, they would be apprecitaed because I have no idea what I'm doing!