Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Garage Trouble

Last night me and my buddy Laura decided to go to the mall for one last outing before she leaves for Chile on Friday for 4 and a half months. We were in Garage and they have the coolest change rooms ever. They have chandeliers and sweet wallpaper and we thought we needed to have a photo op in them.Well apparently you're not allowed to take pictures in change rooms or have two people in them at the same time and we got yelled at. We felt like 12 year olds. It was pretty funny. I'll miss my Laura while she's gone. :( Here are some pics of our adventures...and of my prego belly for those of you who have been DYING to see it. hahaha

note the awesome wallpaper

sweet hair

prego...don't ask me what i'm doing with my face. lol

Currently Servpro is here cleaning up the water damage. It is really annoying (i hope they can't see me writing this) They are vacuuming and it is so loud and obnoxious. It keeps making a squealing sound and for some reason my computer screen is vibrating. Also it is freezing in here. It doesn't help that they are now setting up fans to blow cold air at me for 3-5 days. Good thing I wore a coat!

This is where the sprinkler broke and where most of the damage was done.

This garbage pail filled up completely with water 3 times! The white stuff is from the ceiling tiles and dry wall.

A random spot in the front of the office that ruined a bunch of papers and envelopes.

On the plus side American Idol and Big Brother are on tonight! So that is exciting. Is anyone else obsessed with Big Brother?


Susan said...

obsessed? American Idol yes. Big brother not since season 1...lol. I take pictures in stores all the time! I've gotten yelled at too and just act stupid.

Heather said...

I love it. Hilary, what would you think if T & I visited you at the end of April? Apparently Ken needs to fly to florida for just under a week, for some conference for school, & he suggested driving to you & then he could fly from there, & we could visit you while he's away... what do you think of this option?? Email me!

Hilary said...

Hey I found your blog! Now I'm gonna stalk you :) I didn't know you were prego! That's so awesome!

..And to comment on this post...

I've been "yelled" at twice in different stores. People are gay. They're all suspicious that you're going to steal their amazing secrets or something. and i HATE that feeling afterward when you're like...uh...ok. it makes you not really wanna go back.

Mindy Williams said...

Could you be any cuter is what I want to know? I have heard all the rumors about how cute you are pregnant and they are true. It is so fun to know you have a blog now, so you get to be added to my list so that I can see what y'all are up to and stalk you from Denver. You guys are the best! Love ya and can't wait to meet your little girl too!