Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Haaaappy Anniversary!

Eric & I had our 4th anniversary this last Thursday. It's hard to believe it's been that long & that we have a little munchkin in our family now that we didn't have on our last anniversary!
To celebrate, on Saturday, we went to McLean, Virginia to the Tyson's Corner Center. It's the biggest mall in the DC area & let me just tell you it did not dissapoint. It was a pretty sweet mall and had some fun stores that we don't have here. Such as lululemon, bloomingdales, free people, true religion, a whole store dedicated to PINK (victorias secret), Ruehl & Pottery Barn Kids. LOVED IT!
We were planning on going to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner but by the time we got seated in the crowded, hot, busy, restaraunt we were exhausted and not really in the mood so we got up and left. haha
Instead we went to Bonefish Grill tonight which was nice because we dropped Sierra off at Eric's parents & were able to enjoy the night alone. Not that we don't love the company of our adorable little munchie but it's much nicer not having to entertain and hold a baby while you try to eat. (especially a fussy one who's teething)

us at Bonefish

Happy 4 Years Honey! Love You!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Picture Tag From Maria

1. go to the document/ my pictures site on your computer
2. go to your sixth file
3. go to your sixth picture
4. blog about it
5. tag 6 people

My friend Maria did this and tagged anyone who was reading and I thought it sounded like fun.

This picture is from my sophomore year at BYU-Idaho. One of my best friends Alyssa and I are the ones in the wet suits. We went tubing with our friend Justin (the one on the right) and the water was FREEZING! We didnt know the other girls or the other guy really. Justin was hilarious on this trip though because whenever he got on the tube his legs would be flailing all over the place and he totally looked like a praying mantis. Me and Alyssa were laughing so hard the entire time. I love this girl, we always laughed really hard together.

I tag Alyssa, Jacquie, Bethany, Brittany, Mandy & Kristina!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day! And a Little Spilled Milk...

I figured I should do this post before I change my valentinesy background.
In the morning on valentine's day Eric had basketball with the young men. So while he was gone I worked on finishing his card. Apparently I was finishing it frantically because this is what happened:

just a little horchata in the keyboard. no big deal.

Don't worry I did get it done though. Along with a little bundle of candy for my husband who has a major sweet tooth (a trip to the grocery store ALWAYS includes the candy isle with him). I thought we were trying to go cheap this year with our recent home purchase and such but when he got home he surprised me with a shirt from nordstrom that I mentioned I liked once while we were shopping (so cute when they remember things like that) and an adorable little pink teddy bear for Sierra. We all took a long nap during the afternoon.

the goods

For dinner this year it was a little different from in the past. Usually we go out on a romantic dinner for two. This year we had a 3rd party involved so we decided to get take out rather than wait for over an hour like last year with a baby who would definately get hungry sometime during the meal. We went to Silver Palace Express to get the best chinese food in Maryland and ended up waiting 2 hours. Sweet! At least we got to do errands and feed the baby while waiting and then eat in peace at home with Sierra sleeping peacefully in her crib upstairs. It was actually really nice (and tasty) They have the best crab wontons I've ever had.

I hope everyone else's valentine's day was as enjoyable as ours!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

7 Month Stats

Sierra had her 7 month old appointment today (well technically 6 month old appt. but she's 7 months old)
She decided to break out in a rash when we got there so that was kind of strange. But the Doc. said it was harmless.
She did pretty well. She cried about the same as last time. Really hard when it first happened and then it took her a little while to recover and now she's fine.

Head Circ.: 43" - 50th%
Length: 27" - 75th%
Weight: 14lbs 12oz - 5th%

She is 'petite'. I was kinda shocked when she told me she was 5th percentile for weight because last time she told me 50th but I think she just made a mistake. But she says she's gained enough weight from last time so that's good.
She was so wiggly the whole time and kept turning over and trying to eat the paper on the table. It was funny. She is a character.

PLEASE vote! :)

My sister is a photographer and she is having a photo contest on her website. Sierra's picture is one of the photos up for voting.
If you're bored and want something to do, go to her website and vote for Sierra's picture so I can win an 11x14 print of her cute little picture! The link is HERE
You can also leave a comment on the website to be entered into the drawing to win a free photo session with her!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A lovely day with the little girlie

What is it about nice weather that puts you in such a good mood and makes you want to go out and do things? It's 64 degrees out right now and I just took Sierra for her first ride in her stroller (without the carseat) and she didn't make a peep the whole time. (Other than getting the hiccups half way through. lol)

After we got home it felt kind of hot in the house (probably because im massively out of shape after not working out for over a year and the 20 minute walk wore me out) so I opened the sliding door and put Sierra in her bumbo next to it with a cold teething toy. I got a freezie (and yes i did give her a taste and she loved it) and we both just sat there and felt the breeze and looked outside. It was so cute.

Now if summer would just hurry up and get here every day could be this pleasant. :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

7 month old munchkin

Sierra is 7 months old and into everything! I can't leave her alone for even 10 seconds without her getting into something. Here are her new talents for this month:
-About 3 weeks ago she got her two bottom teeth! so cute! I love them.
-She is still just scooting but is definately a professional. She might as well be crawling because she is just as fast. She is doing the rocking thing though so crawling is on the horizon :)
-She does this hilarious pose on her side all the time and sat up from it the other day! She is still fairly unstable sitting by herself for very long though.
-She has come up with a few new sounds. One is her raspy voice sound and the other is a sucking noise which she loves and will usually do if you do it to her first.
-She has been eating all kinds of solids and loving them! Bananas, carrots, sweet potatoes, pears, prunes and mashed potatoes. She probably loved carrots the most so far.
-She just randomly starts laughing by herself and it is so funny! It's pretty easy to get her to laugh too.
-She is in the stage where she wants to throw things on the floor constantly and have me give them back to her.
-She can kinda drink water out of a cup. Most of it ends up on her shirt but she loves trying to drink it.
-She stands holding onto my fingers really well and loves to be walked that way too.
And some videos and pictures from this month:


Side Pose




Raspy Voice