Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day! And a Little Spilled Milk...

I figured I should do this post before I change my valentinesy background.
In the morning on valentine's day Eric had basketball with the young men. So while he was gone I worked on finishing his card. Apparently I was finishing it frantically because this is what happened:

just a little horchata in the keyboard. no big deal.

Don't worry I did get it done though. Along with a little bundle of candy for my husband who has a major sweet tooth (a trip to the grocery store ALWAYS includes the candy isle with him). I thought we were trying to go cheap this year with our recent home purchase and such but when he got home he surprised me with a shirt from nordstrom that I mentioned I liked once while we were shopping (so cute when they remember things like that) and an adorable little pink teddy bear for Sierra. We all took a long nap during the afternoon.

the goods

For dinner this year it was a little different from in the past. Usually we go out on a romantic dinner for two. This year we had a 3rd party involved so we decided to get take out rather than wait for over an hour like last year with a baby who would definately get hungry sometime during the meal. We went to Silver Palace Express to get the best chinese food in Maryland and ended up waiting 2 hours. Sweet! At least we got to do errands and feed the baby while waiting and then eat in peace at home with Sierra sleeping peacefully in her crib upstairs. It was actually really nice (and tasty) They have the best crab wontons I've ever had.

I hope everyone else's valentine's day was as enjoyable as ours!


Mel said...

What a sweet thought to remember that shirt! I love when Carl does that too. I know Eric is a sweet husband espcially if he has any of Uncle Scott in him! Take out is great on V-Day. I hate eating at restaurants on the actual day, too crazy! Crab Wontons? Yum!!!

Elizabeth said...

You find the cutest bows for her hair. Where do you get them???
Most of the ones I have found are tacky...help =)

Sommer said...

you know that sounds really perfect!

Ryan and Jacquie said...

haha...good job with the milk, girl :)

i love that eric remembered the shirt and bought it. how sweet! sounds like you guys had an enjoyable day.

LOVE the pic of sierra.

Serena Cherry said...

What a great V-day! We ordered take out too and it took FOREVER. It just isn't the sae as going out. Interestingly enough, I accidentally spilled water on the keyboard last night and all of the keys are fine except one. Since I can't type that letter, I will have to tell you that it is the one that coes after "n" Ha!