Thursday, February 12, 2009

7 Month Stats

Sierra had her 7 month old appointment today (well technically 6 month old appt. but she's 7 months old)
She decided to break out in a rash when we got there so that was kind of strange. But the Doc. said it was harmless.
She did pretty well. She cried about the same as last time. Really hard when it first happened and then it took her a little while to recover and now she's fine.

Head Circ.: 43" - 50th%
Length: 27" - 75th%
Weight: 14lbs 12oz - 5th%

She is 'petite'. I was kinda shocked when she told me she was 5th percentile for weight because last time she told me 50th but I think she just made a mistake. But she says she's gained enough weight from last time so that's good.
She was so wiggly the whole time and kept turning over and trying to eat the paper on the table. It was funny. She is a character.


Brandon and Kristina said...

what??? avery is a fatty. she is not even 6 mo. yet and she is already 16 lbs.

Mindy Williams said...

All of my kids have been "petite". Well, Jacob was phat and then lost weight..long story. But both my girls are also petite, they grow when they need to, so don't worry about it. Rachel is 11 mos and barely weighs 16 pounds, I think. We'll see when we go in next month. Anna only weighed about 17-18 pounds at a year. We have yet to have a kid at 20 lbs at 1 yr to turn around the car seat and they are all healthy as can be! She is adorable, so focus on that!

Mel said...

My daughter was always so under weight! But she is just a small petite little girl! She is so cute!