Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Last weekend we decided that the weather was never going to co-operate enough for us to go to the pumpkin patch so we finally gave in and bought a pumpkin at the grocery store. I hate the rain. 90% of the time.
This year I wanted to do something other than a face. Actually Eric and I have never carved pumpkins together in the 4 years that we've been married. So I guess I haven't really carved a pumpkin probably since I was like 17. haha Kind of sad. But it's mostly because we've lived in an apartment and for some reason I didn't think we could display a carved pumpkin in our home. Apparently it had to be on an outside porch which we didn't have.

Getting started

Digging in

Eric concentrating

Ryan being cool

A skull and a spider in case you couldn't tell


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Busy Bee In A Small Fur Coat

Sierra has been such a busy bee lately. She seriously never sits down for more than 3 seconds. She is constantly going from one thing to another. She's been learning lots of new words too. She says:

dora-she loves the yoplait yogurt with dora on it. everytime she sees it she says 'dora!' it's really cute.

lambie-pronounced 'mamie' or 'mimi' she has the cutest little stuffed lamb that she got when she was a newborn but has just recently taken a liking to it. she carries it around and pats it on the head.

ew-hilarious. she had a hair on her once and i pulled it off and said ew and now she'll say it anytime i say it.

baby-pronounced 'dee'. anytime she sees a picture of a baby or a baby anywhere.

doggie-pronounced 'daw-ee'. eric's parents have 2 little dogs. sierra is so funny with them. she always tells them 'no no' and she'll push them away and get really annoyed if they get too close to her. but she loves to feed them everything.

roar-she has a book that has a dinosaur on one of the pages and everytime she sees him she says 'roar!'.

eye-she mostly just likes to gouge your eye out with her scrawny little finger and say eye. she does get confused though and calls eye 'nose' frequently.

So she's coming along with her vocabulary. i love it. i can't wait till she is putting sentences together.

In other news, i weighed her tonight on the scale and according to it she is 18.2 lbs. I'm sure it's not completely accurate but she is a peanut. it is impossible to find pants to fit her. i am a delinquent parent and basically missed her 15 month appointment because by the time i got around to making it the earliest opening they had was actually at her 18 month point. oops.

these pictures are of her in her fur coat that never ended up fitting her last year because the body was so huge. but now the body fits her and the arms are massively short. it was funny watching her walk around it. i guess we'll be saving it for our next baby girl who needs to be really fat? haha i'm pretty sure that coat wouldnt fit any 3-6 month old.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

General Conference

i love it this morning because....

i got to sleep in, not get ready for church, watch conference on tv in my pajamas, eat pie for breakfast, and to top it all off Sierra slept in until 10!!! So perfect! And then Eric got her up and fed her while i read for a while in bed. Could this day get any better?

In other news, Sierra has been so funny lately. A couple days ago I was feeding her lunch and for some reason she has decided that it's a good idea to pull her hair out and she knows i don't like it when she does it. So as she was doing it she says "no no mama!" so cute! Also while my mom was here she was obsessed with teaching Sierra where her nose was. Now when you point to Sierra's noes and say "what's this?" she says "no" which means nose. So now she says mom mom, daddy, no, yeah, nose, dolly, uh oh, hi, bye and oh no. I think that's it.

My mom bought her a little tea set when she was here visiting last month that has different settings on it and on one of them is music time and there's different songs. Sierra loves it! She pushes the button over and over and bounces to it.

Here are a couple cute videos of her with her tea pot.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Apple Pie

I was getting antsy to do something with all of the apples we got yesterday and decided to make a pie this afternoon while Sierra was napping. It is delicious! Too bad every time I go upstairs I eat more of it.

Yum Yum

Apple Picking

Yesterday we went to a local farm to go apple picking with a little play group we've started attending. It was so much fun! Sierra and her little friend Victoria rode in a wagon together. They were so cute! I wasn't sure how it would go with a 1 yr old, but it was great! Lots of open land for Sierra to walk around and explore. Along with our yummy apples we got some delicious red raspberry jam. They had so many tempting things in their cute store, we are definitely going back!
Sierra and Victoria loved sitting in the back seat together.
We did a lot of walking and this wagon got heavy real fast. lol

Too bad Sierra decided to block Victoria in every picture I took of them. haha
Katie with Lily and Emily