Sunday, October 4, 2009

General Conference

i love it this morning because....

i got to sleep in, not get ready for church, watch conference on tv in my pajamas, eat pie for breakfast, and to top it all off Sierra slept in until 10!!! So perfect! And then Eric got her up and fed her while i read for a while in bed. Could this day get any better?

In other news, Sierra has been so funny lately. A couple days ago I was feeding her lunch and for some reason she has decided that it's a good idea to pull her hair out and she knows i don't like it when she does it. So as she was doing it she says "no no mama!" so cute! Also while my mom was here she was obsessed with teaching Sierra where her nose was. Now when you point to Sierra's noes and say "what's this?" she says "no" which means nose. So now she says mom mom, daddy, no, yeah, nose, dolly, uh oh, hi, bye and oh no. I think that's it.

My mom bought her a little tea set when she was here visiting last month that has different settings on it and on one of them is music time and there's different songs. Sierra loves it! She pushes the button over and over and bounces to it.

Here are a couple cute videos of her with her tea pot.


The Pierce Family said...

Your little Sierra is just too cute. And I love conference weekend for the same reasons that you's so nice to have David around in the morning, taking care of the kids and making us all breakfast..though I probably would have enjoyed eating pie more than pancakes.

Susan said...

OK, I need to have one of those days too! Our only sleep in day (or should I say Aubry's) is Sunday (I don't get a day usually) because we have church at 12. Love that you got to read in bed! I miss reading! I just returned all my books to the library cause I realized I wont have much time to read pretty soon. :( Sad. Hope you're enjoying the pretties!