Friday, September 30, 2011

9 months old!

Brooklyn's 9 month check up was kind of a disaster. She only gained a pound since her last appt. so the pediatrician freaked out. They took a urine sample and made me take her to get blood done and then they wanted to insert a catheter, put dye into her kidneys and do an ultrasound. WHICH I wasn't that cool with and denied.
She got sick with the flu after our trip to Canada and has really just started to get good about eating solids so I want to wait a month or two and see if she gains a better amount of weight before I put her through all that.
IMO my pediatrician gets a little out of control with wanting to do so much testing and is a little obsessive about growth charts.
Sierra was the same way as a baby (so was i) and she is perfectly fine.
SO that is the update. Anyone in my area love their pediatrician? ;) ...we may be switching.

Brooklyn is 14lbs 3oz. (not on charts. sierra was 15lbs at this age.) 26 1/2 inches long (15th percentile)
Aside from that, here is what our little pippy has been up to:
-mastered the army crawl
-pulls up on everything
-has her two top and two bottom teeth in and is getting more
-favorite baby food is definitely anything mango. she'll eat pretty much any food that we are eating. she does ok with veggies but doesn't love them.
-so smiley and easy to get to laugh. really ticklish.
-definitely obsessed with me right now. if i'm in the room she won't let anyone else hold her. fun.
-loves playing with sierra (until sierra injures her. which happens often)
-babbles her heart out (including momommom and dadadadad.)
-newest tricks:blowing raspberries (esp. while she has food in her mouth.) and waving
-nicknames: pippy (because she is a pipsqueak) brook-a-liss (given by sierra) brookie baby and of course munchkin.

She is such a joy to have around. Sierra loves having a little sister and we just love our little Brooklyn so much!
All of these pictures were taken on my iphone so please excuse the fuzziness.
being attacked by the crab aka sierra

a little shopping with grandma

just hangin out in the bathroom. nbd.

watching Sierra

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The 8 hr drive...that turned into 20

Two weeks ago we headed out for our usual 8 hr drive up to Brantford, Ontario for my little sister's wedding. About an hour and a half into our trip we realized that the flooding in Pennsylvania was a lot worse than we ever could've imagined. We ended up driving for 10 hours that night and only got 2 hours away from our house. Every major interstate was closed and tons of other streets were blocked off due to severe flooding.
it. was. a. nightmare. 
oh, and did i mention that earlier that day Sierra barfed all over our new sea grass rug (which is pretty much impossible to clean spills out of) and Eric's work laptop (which obviously ruined it)? Eric thought she just gagged herself because it happened right after she ate a goldfish cracker.
Not so much.  
At the exact time that we realized we couldn't go anywhere Sierra barfed all over herself and her car seat. As if barf in the car isn't horrible enough, we couldn't get off on any exits to get her cleaned off because every exit just directed you back onto the interstate which would then be closed and send you back to a worthless exit again. 
We spent the rest of the night thinking we could get around the flooding and get somewhere. It was horrible. We finally got into a hotel at 4:40am. 
With hopes that things would be better the next day, we headed out again. We still ran into problems but managed to get there late that night. (it took us 10 more hours and we missed the rehearsal dinner. on the bright side, Sierra only barfed once this day compared to 6 the day before. including once on the floor at mcdonalds.)
But, at least we made it for the wedding the next day! It was the trip from hell.
sitting (uncomfortably) with her barf bowl. poor little girlie.
the little sick girl taking a much needed break from all the driving.

day 2 with no car seat (believe me, this was necessary. it didn't smell any better the second day)

Safely (and happily) in Canada. This was my dress when I was Sierra's age!

My brother Brandon and his cute fiancee Brittany with their wildflowers. lol

A lovely dinner out at Swiss Chalet


reading with grandma. brooklyn is quite pleased.

 On the way home we decided to take it easy and stop half way at a hotel. Ever since the first time we drove to see my family we've passed Clyde Peelings reptile museum and Eric has been dying to go for 6 years. So we did that too. 

black mamba

butterflies. one landed in sierra's hair. she was a little disturbed.

Despite the horrible drive on the way there, the trip was really fun! We'll be doing it again in 3 and a half weeks for my little brother's wedding. Lets hope the rain holds off for a while.

*wedding pictures still to come