Friday, September 30, 2011

9 months old!

Brooklyn's 9 month check up was kind of a disaster. She only gained a pound since her last appt. so the pediatrician freaked out. They took a urine sample and made me take her to get blood done and then they wanted to insert a catheter, put dye into her kidneys and do an ultrasound. WHICH I wasn't that cool with and denied.
She got sick with the flu after our trip to Canada and has really just started to get good about eating solids so I want to wait a month or two and see if she gains a better amount of weight before I put her through all that.
IMO my pediatrician gets a little out of control with wanting to do so much testing and is a little obsessive about growth charts.
Sierra was the same way as a baby (so was i) and she is perfectly fine.
SO that is the update. Anyone in my area love their pediatrician? ;) ...we may be switching.

Brooklyn is 14lbs 3oz. (not on charts. sierra was 15lbs at this age.) 26 1/2 inches long (15th percentile)
Aside from that, here is what our little pippy has been up to:
-mastered the army crawl
-pulls up on everything
-has her two top and two bottom teeth in and is getting more
-favorite baby food is definitely anything mango. she'll eat pretty much any food that we are eating. she does ok with veggies but doesn't love them.
-so smiley and easy to get to laugh. really ticklish.
-definitely obsessed with me right now. if i'm in the room she won't let anyone else hold her. fun.
-loves playing with sierra (until sierra injures her. which happens often)
-babbles her heart out (including momommom and dadadadad.)
-newest tricks:blowing raspberries (esp. while she has food in her mouth.) and waving
-nicknames: pippy (because she is a pipsqueak) brook-a-liss (given by sierra) brookie baby and of course munchkin.

She is such a joy to have around. Sierra loves having a little sister and we just love our little Brooklyn so much!
All of these pictures were taken on my iphone so please excuse the fuzziness.
being attacked by the crab aka sierra

a little shopping with grandma

just hangin out in the bathroom. nbd.

watching Sierra


Just Another Blog said...

Not ah, can't believe she is 9 months already! No offense but your Dr does sound a little nutso especially if Sierra was the same way and Sierra is obviously not malnourished! I like our Dr - Laura Henning at Pediatric Partners in Hickory (near the Wawa an DQ). Really nice new office! Good luck.

Heather said...

She is SO Stinkin cute!!! And she reminds me so much of mini you! (as does Sierra). I love it :) And I also love the Eric in her :)
Oh dear about the Ped. freak out- good for you for standing up for her :)

Ashley and Dorian said...

what a little pipsqueak! the funny this is i left maryland feeling like charlotte was a tank. turns out shes is like 20th percentile for weight! haha and i can't remember height but it was not that high. you need a new doctor, those stupid charts are annoying. considering half the world is obese and humungous of course youre baby is small!

Phil and Ashlee said...

She is so dang cute! I think some Dr's rely on the charts way too much. Seriously she is fine. Wes was 16 at 9 months which was 1% for boys... My Dr was concerned but could clearly see he was healthy.

Katie said...

What a cutie!!!! We go to Patient First in Bel Air. I don't love it but I am afraid to switch. I had to take Lily in once a week for like 6 months because Lily wasn't gaining 'enough' weight. We had a time period where she didn't gain any weight for like a month too. If she is meeting all of her milestones then I think she is fine. (You saw mara at the library...she is HUGE...well her weight "slowed down" and our ped. freaked out and sayed I needed to make sure I was feeding her enough...really? the kid is a beast...hahaha!) I don't really get the whole chart thing. Other then anything that is charted...I really like the ped. I guess maybe they are required to freak us moms out a little : )

Sommer said...

Oh she is so cute! Yeah I'm learning that doctors are not always right in what they think and it's ok to question them and follow your instincts over what they say. I'm glad you didn't listen to what they said, sounds a bit excessive what she wanted to do to Brooklyn.