Monday, February 25, 2008

Sprinkler Disaster!

So I walk into work today and there are garbage bags covering everything, the phones don't work, the carpet is soaked, everything is moved around and there is a huge whole in the ceiling with garbage pails everywhere holding water. Apparently the sprinkler system broke on friday, it's pretty much a disaster. Hopefully the building manager will get it fixed soon. Although it was kinda nice not to have to answer any phones today. :)

Aside from that our weekend was really fun! Friday we went to Chili's and then to a movie with Shelby & Kyle, a couple from the Winter's Run ward. Saturday we went maternity clothes shopping and I got some cute navy cords from mimi maternity and a bella band! Sunday we went to an oscar party at Chris and Serena's, a couple from our ward along with 3 other couples & their kids. It's hard to believe that soon we'll have a little girl of our own running around! I am so excited and SO ready for her to be here already.

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Ryan & Jacquie said...

FYI-it's raw steak in that pic you commented on. ry made me steak dinner. he makes the best steaks i think!
oh dear for the sprinkler disaster! that is bad bad bad. the oscar party sounds fun! i didn't even watch them. meh!