Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fan Land

Another day in fan land....I'm not sure if it will ever end. Our phones are working now but half the time i dont even hear them because the fans are so loud. lol

To anyone who is watching American Idol-I adore David Archuleta! He is so cute and his voice is so pure and perfect! Michael Johns and David Hernandez are pretty good too. I can't stand Chikezie and Eric despises Noriega but I kinda like him, he's amusing. Girls tonight!

So I swear my stomach got bigger overnight last night. And I've been having this pain in my lower abdomen on the left, has anyone else experienced this while pregnant? It's scaring me! What side is your apendix on? lol

Well this post was pretty pointless but I needed a break from playing solitaire and minesweeper. So there ya go!


Heather said...

I love the purple colour of your blog- so pretty!

I wish I could watch AI!! :(
(no tv)

If you need a break, go answer my 4 questions that I emailed you! ;)

Love you & miss you!

Ryan & Jacquie said...

you are very silly! so...i also LOVE david archuleta. he's has the most pure voice. i'm assuming you know he's mormon right? he's just so innocent and cute. i also like hernandez. noriega is alright...he's definitely amusing. he acts so gay though.
so will you please post a side profile of yourself so i can see the tummy that you say you have. PLEASE! you...bye!

Susan said...

Hah, yeah I remember my belly just popping out one day. Your appendix is on your right, so it may just be cramps. As long as you're not bleeding you should be fine. Just another joy of motherhood! We need some pictures!!!

{kate} said...

yeah, your appendix is on your right side, so it's not appendicitis unless you start to feel sick and it really, really hurts. but as for the lower left...i had that too, and it's just the muscles stretching out and making room :)