Saturday, March 1, 2008

Little Italy

Last night we decided to see what Little Italy was all about in Baltimore (it's basically just a few streets with all unique italian restaraunts in the city) My parents gave us money to go out for anniversary so this was the perfect time to try it. We went to Amicci's, the wait wasn't too bad-just 25 minutes. But they put us in the back corner at a mini table where it wasn't even decorated cool and it was cold. So we were a little dissapointed with that. The bread was good, but they didn't have any cool drinks (italian cream soda) and our meals weren't that good and it wasn't exactly cheap. So we didn't stay there for dessert, we went to this place called Vacarro's down the street that has only desserts and we've heard a few people say is good. I decided to try the cannolis and eric had the Peanut Butter Fantasy which was a slice of Peanut Butter Pie served with Vanilla Gelato, chopped Reeses cups, hot fudge, and whipped topping. Lets just say his was good, mine was not. Either cannoli is disgusting or that place wasn't good at making it. So overall not the best experience in little italy. it was worth a try. Maybe we'll go again and try another place sometime.

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