Saturday, March 8, 2008

Pei Wei & the Boleyns

Today was so nice, I didn't have to work so i slept in and then met Eric for lunch at Pei Wei. I finally decided I could stomach it again since I got sick from it in the earlier months of my pregnancy. We were dissapointed to find out that they removed our favorite dish from the menu-lemon pepper :( WHY would they ever remove the best thing they had? I guess everyone else didn't agree that it was the best dish. But there are still plenty of good options and we were satisfied and so FULL as always after eating there. They did add something new-thai dynamite which we'll have to try sometime and chocolate chip cookies. why they added cookies to an asian diner menu i'm not sure but the kids will appreciate it i guess.
thai dynamite-pei wei is sooo tasty!

Then I came home, watched my recorded Days and slept for the rest of the day. hahaha Then we had cereal for dinner because we were too full to eat anything else and went to the movies to see The Other Boleyn Girl. It was really good and Eric actually liked it too! So for any of you girls who want your husbands to go with you to see it get them to talk to Eric and he'll convince them that it's ok for boys to see it too. Mary (the good sister) & Anne (the evil one)

Susan-those pictures are for you. I know it's lame, and they're not pictures of us, but it's better than looking at nothing, right? haha


Hilary said...

I was wondering if that movie was any good. There's a guy I work with with a crush on both those actresses, so maybe that's one reason a guy would like it :)

I'm glad good food doesn't make you barfy anymore! I'm afraid of that part...

Susan said...

Haha, thanks for the pictures!! They'll do. I'm glad you liked the movie. Go see all the movies you can now before that baby pops out! because after about 4 months that baby wont want to go see any more movies. lol. I've been wanting to see that movie too, and I always tease Aubry and tell him that his favorite actress (scarlet) is in it.

Isn't it great to eat while you're pregnant?? you get stuffed and can stick out your tummy and no one will notice.