Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Good old Rosa

I have been slacking on writing lately and it's time to come back! This weekend was hilarious. We went to a mexican restaraunt in Parkville with Shelby & Kyle called Los Amigos that one of Eric's co-workers recommened. It looked pretty ghetto from the outside and had tons of knick knacks inside (kind of like a chinese restaraunt always does) so we were a little sceptical at first. We got seated right away and got our chips (which were stale)and our waitress took our orders. An hour later our drinks were empty and we still hadn't gotten our food. It was funny because our waitress never even paid any attention to us and she was kinda mean when she took our orders. she would get one persons order and then yell "next!" and we never saw her again after that. so we adopted this funny little asian girl named beth as our temporary waitress, and she got us more drinks and chips (which were a little less stale than the first batch) eventually Eric couldnt take the wait anymore so he went to the front of the restaraunt to ask to speak to the manager only to find out that our server was the manager. so we asked our little friend beth who the owner was and our waitress was also the owner. so we were kinda screwed. well eventually we got our food and it was really really good which kinda made up for the wait. but then it was taking forever for our little server to bring us the check so we asked one of the guys if he could get it and he asked us who our server was. then he asked if it was 'mini me' because she was a short little lady and we were like "yeah!" Good thing we didn't say anything bad about her because it turns out it was his mom, Rosa. All in all it was a pretty funny dining experience. Good old Rosa. We gave her a one dollar tip and gave the rest of the tip to our little asian friend Beth who did most of the work for Rosa, the owner/manager/server.

After dinner we decided to do duck pin bowling at parkville lanes which was equally ghetto. We had to score the game ourselves, which was on a projector that burned your hand everytime you wrote on it and the guy right next to us was trying to hep us score the game the whole time but he had no idea what he was doing. We also had to manually reset the pins ourselves and they had this dj playing songs from like 10 years ago on a computer behind us. also we got sno balls from the food bar there and we're pretty sure they got the ice from the last time it snowed because the chunks were huge. It was a pretty retro experience. but we liked it. good times in parkville.

Now for some pregnancy information. i have been having severe heart burn recently for no reason, it doesnt matter if i eat anything spicy or anything at all. i just have heart burn from the time i wake up until i go to sleep at night. it is unpleasant. also today i have had a major cramp/pain in my side all day which hasn't been fun. but on a good note i finally felt the baby kick/punch yesterday! it was so cool and she was doing it so much! i am so excited, i was getting impatient. eric even got to feel it and even though it freaked him out i know he loves it because now he always wants to try and feel her. it is cute.

Well I better get back to cleaning because my mom is coming tomorrow, yay! and i still have a lot to do, but before i go here is a picture of my neice Talia that my sister sent me today, because she is so adorable and I know everyone else wants to see her too. lol

Hopefully this week while my mom is here we will take lots of pictures that i can put in my blog so my next post won't be so boring! :)


Heather said...

lol I thoroughly enjoyed your stories. Sounds like good times ;)

Susan said...

Aubry would have been sooo pissed at that restaurant...lol. your niece is adorable!

Tums! they were my best friend during my pregnancy. i hear if you're having a girl you have more heart burn, boys make you vomit more...sounds appropriate. take them like candy. they really help.

Wait till you see your belly move like an alien!! when the baby gets bigger it gets to be really fun to watch your stomach move.

Have fun with your mommy!! moms are great when you're pregnant.

Serena Cherry said...

I didn't know you guys had a blog! I found it on the William's blog! We may have to try out Los Amigo's because Chris and I have yet to find great Mexican food out here! I am so sad that you are having heartburn...it is the worst! I had a little, but I seriously hate Tums. Oh well, basically our bodies go through crazy stuff during pregnancy. Good thing they are so cute, right? Well, good luck! I am going to put a ink to your blog on mine if that's ok!

Chris Cherry said...

I like Eric's blue shirt - I didn't know he was into pastels - sweet.

chlojo said...

Pepcid was my best friend when I was pregnant. One tiny little pill and it lasts all day.

Such good times here in P-ville. How did you stay calm waiting for food so long, especially being pregnant? I would have walked out long before.