Tuesday, September 14, 2010


We have a really pretty man-made duck pond near our house that we took Sierra to last year for her birthday. She was terrified of the ducks.

This year she loves feeding them! She gets a little apprehensive when they come too close though, since she's gotten nipped on her fingers twice. ( sometimes she gets distracted and holds a piece of bread out without throwing it and the ducks get a little antsy and just take it out of her hand)

It's hilarious to look back at how different she looked one year ago. Good thing she finally got some hair!


The Pierce Family said...

She's such a cutie! And I would be afraid of the ducks too...they can get so aggressive! I heard about your 80% chance it's a girl thing. Don't you hate ultrasound techs who say stuff like that?

Sommer said...

Yay for Sierra turning two, she is so cute! Those ducks can be pretty scary sometimes, Nathan's gotten nipped a few times too.

Jacquie loves Ryan said...

I seriously can not get over how freakin big she is! It's been way too long. We seriously need to talk! Things have been crazy lately. I'm currently living in a hotel in the middle of Kansas. We've moved like 5 bajillion times in the last few weeks. AHHH! I MISS YOU!