Tuesday, December 16, 2008

House Coat

For those of you who did not grow up as a canuck a 'House Coat' is a Robe. For some reason my husband thinks this term is quite comical. It makes perfect sense to me. A coat that you wear around the house. What is so funny about that?
He also thinks garburator (garbage disposal) and Toque (beanie) are pretty funny. Anyways funny Canadian words were not supposed to be the point of this post (but while we're on the topic can you think of any more? that was all I could remember)
The point was to show you how cute Sierra is in her house coat. I was obsessed with it before I even got pregnant and she is finally big enough to wear it. (there's actually not really any point to a robe for a baby but oh well) ADORABLE! I think she loves it as much as I do. haha


Ryan and Jacquie said...

she looks so cute in her lil robe!!! mind you, she looks cute in everything.

more silly words (which i personally don't think are funny):
eh? lol..i'm so funny

ok that's all i got right now. i'm sure ry could give me tons. lol.

Mel said...

She can make any housecoat look good, she is gorgeous!

The Musson Family said...

Oh Hil, she is so adorable in her housecoat. She has a beautiful smile. She must love it too.

Here are my Canadian words:

kraft dinner (mac & cheese)
soft drink (soda)
grade 4 (4th grade)

Of course I had some of the same as Jacquie too!

HeavenlyHome said...

she definitely loves her house coat!
So are you going to post a picture of you in yours?!?!?
She is such a cutie!

Hilary said...

I'm really entertained about these Canadian words. what's a chesterfield? yeah, housecoat is weird, but Americans have weird terms for things too. Um, I can't think of any right now though. Maybe you can :)

Serena Cherry said...

I didn't know about those Canadian words! Housecoat is hilarious for some reason. All of them are. It is funny to see how people say things so differently. Sierra looks so cute! She is such a little sweetheart! We should get the little playmates together soon!

Sommer said...

lol, those are some funny words, Sierra looks darling in her House Coat =)

Jared & Brittany said...

she is so cute!! i can't believe how big she's getting. hope you guys are doing well.