Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bad Habit

habit: nail biting
goal: no biting for 3 months*

yesterday i removed 9 white tipped acrylic nails. 9 because 1 came off on its own which led to the removal of the rest. i don't feel like going to get them done again so i am going to try really hard to salvage them. my nails suck and they break/tear/split really easily. i'm not sure if this is because i've always had a nail biting problem or if it is genetic. either way it's annoying. so far i have applied clear nail polish 5464454564 times today, picked it off and reapplied it.

*also today my mom told me to find out if you can have acrylic nails when you go in to deliver your baby because she took her friend for surgery and they made her remove hers. does anyone know the answer to this?
for these 2 reasons (being too lazy to get them done again & possibly not being able to have any during labor) i need to let my own nails grow.

if i can go 1 week without any of them getting shorter i am rewarding myself with this little treat.
it's called elephantastic, it's from the spring/summer 2008 collection and i want it. bad.


Ashlyn Stephenson said...

Hilary, Hey! It's the worst when you break one nail! Boys just don't get it, but girls know it totally ruins your day. To answer you question, yes you can have acrylic nails when you go into labor. I had acrylic nails on when Cayden and Camden were born. Love and miss you~Ashlyn

Mindy Williams said...

Um so 11? and one was already broken? How freaking many fingers do you have? Very confused! :)

And as previously stated, yep, you can have em! Never heard you couldn't!

Love ya!

Mindy Williams said...

p.s. the prenatals will help em to grow, so make sure you keep taking those vitamins!

Eric & Hilary said...

haha keep taking-more like start taking. i will fix that typo about me having 11 fingers. thanks mind. lol

Woodhouse Clan said...

i wish i could say i knew the answer to your nail sorrows, but alas, I've never had them and I have absolutely no idea. i blame it on my tom-boyishness.. and i play the guitar and run and that's too much to have them.

Melanie Whiting said...

Hi Hilary! It's Melanie -Eric's cousin. Hi Eric! I was so happy to find your blog and so happy you are having a girl. I bet Aunt Vicki is too!! We get to see Duke & Ryan and Alyssa often and miss seeing you guys! Hope things are going well for you all. My blog is if you want to stop by! Congrats!

Kimberly said...

You can do it. I chewed my nails for the longest time. Now I don't. Every time I wanted to i would sit on my hands or stick something else in my mouth. haha maybe that's why I look the way I do. Just put really nasty tasting stuff on your finger nails!!