Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New York: Day 2

The second day we went to Carlo's Bakery. From the show Cake Boss. I love that show and when we found out that it takes place in Hoboken, New Jersey (which is basically New York) we had to go! It was really cool to actually be there and we saw a few people from the show. It was pretty busy and the cupcakes and lobster tails were really good. Also Hoboken is a cute little town so it was fun to walk around and go in the cute shops.
Red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting. Yummy.

Lobster Tail. A crispy pastry with rich, delicious cream inside.
You can see Mauro and Grace in this picture. We also saw Buddy's wife, Lisa.

The New York Skyline. Wow. Our camera sucks.

On the first day we drove into NYC and parked in the city. The second day we opted for the Path train. It was a cool experience. Sierra did have a breakdown on the ride home though because she wanted to get down. We went to the world trade center site where there wasn't much to see since they're rebuilding the towers and have it all covered up because it's a construction site. We went to china town (which was insane, the streets were so packed you could barely move, let alone push a stroller. I even heard some rude person mutter as we passed "you can't bring a baby here".) little Italy, a disturbingly strange restaurant called the Mooncake Restaurant which was run by some Asian's trying to do American food. So basically they had normal American dishes with weird Asian twists. I opted for the fruit salad. haha Oh, and Jamba Juice. Eric has been craving Jamba for 4 years. Ever since we left Rexburg, Idaho. He was a happy camper. I will admit, it was quite satisfying. And that about sums up our trip. It was fun but next time we'd like to go without a baby, stay in a hotel in the city and go see a show. Because after all "you can't bring a baby here." HA!

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Kimberly said...

We love watching cake boss! How fun that you got to go there!