Monday, August 31, 2009


Man I have been such a slacker on my blog updates! Sierra has been walking for a month and I still haven't blogged about it.
I love it! It makes life so much easier for me. She was already getting into everything before so it didn't really make much of a difference in that department. It's just nice to be able to set her down in a store and she just stands by me instead of taking off on the dirty floor crawling.
She looks so cute stumbling around. Here are a couple videos I took of her. Don't mind the ratty hair. The second one is random. She just cracks me up. She is obsessed with the TV remotes and my cell phone.


Alyssa and Dave said...

oh my gosh hil she is so cute trying to steal your phone from you!!! I loved that one!

Susan said...

You go girl! Now the fun begins. and you thought keeping her from going up the stairs was hard? :) Now you have to watch her 3 times as much! It get's a way. But congrats on walking sierra!