Monday, August 31, 2009

Virginia Trip

Last weekend Eric's brother, sister & her husband came from Utah to visit! We decided to all take a little weekend family trip to Virginia. It was really fun, aside from the hours of annoying traffic. Who knew Virginia was so busy?
The first day we got in a little later than planned. We all went to Pizza Hut and got the buffet. Classy, I know. It was pretty gross, but hilarious. We had some good laughs there. After that Eric's parents were awesome enough to watch Sierra while the rest of us went to the movies.
The next day we went to Water Country USA! I love water parks! It was great, aside from the massive storm that attacked the park so we had to wait under a pavilion until they opened the slides and stuff back up. But it did clear a lot of people out so then there were no lines. After that we went to Texas Roadhouse. This was the only place I took pictures at. We had a pretty long wait but it was worth it. So tasty!
The next morning Eric had to leave for a work trip to Beijing (more on that later). The rest of us went to the Yankee candle shops which were so cool! They had all these different themed shops and lots of cute decorations. Then we ventured on to the Short Pump Town Center. If you're ever in Richmond, VA you have to go to this mall! It is outdoors and is so pretty! It's only been open for 6 years. They have lots of yummy restaurants and cool shops. I discovered West Elm while we there. I had heard about it but never been in one. I love that store!
Our drive home was torture! Plenty of traffic.
Here are the Texas Roadhouse Pics:
Andrew, Kye, Dad, Mom, Alyssa, Ryan
Sierra, Eric, Me, Dorian, Ashley

Sierra busy as usual.
Dorian fell asleep while we were waiting (that's how long the wait was). Apparently we thought it was pretty comical because we took about 20 pictures of him sleeping. He looked like a homeless man.

Sierra had a breakdown right before we got seated and was so tired the whole time we were there. Poor sleepy little angel baby.


Erika Sullivan said...

Sounds fun! I'm glad you got to go to West Elm. Did you know it's owned by the same company as Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma? If you're ever at the outlets in Lancaster, PA they have West Elm stuff at the Pottery Barn outlet. Good to see you! You are so tan!

Ryan and Jacquie said...

sounds like a fun trip! i'm sure it was nice to have the fam together. i really enjoy the sleeping dorian pictures. lol

The Pierce Family said...

Your family is hilarious...I love the pictures of Dorian asleep and you posing in front of him. Isn't it nice to get away?

Brandon and Kristina said...

hey Hilary. FUnny pictures! Just wanted to say HI!