Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cupcakes & Ice Cream

...not the real kind. Although I do wish I had a cupcake to snack on right now. Remember when my mom came to visit and we stayed up all night making Sierra and Brooklyn t-shirts? No? Well, we did and here are the pictures! I think they turned out so cute! (i guess i kind of already posted some pics of Brooklyn in this in my last post. fail.)

it's so hard to get a decent picture of your kids when one can't sit up yet. Brooklyn kind of looks like a zombie in the last picture.


Maria said...

I want to come craft with you! These are amazing?! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! You need to show us how you did it! Or where to find a tutorial!!

Sommer said...

Wow I love love love them!!! Great job!

Erika Sullivan said...

Ok, I just saw shirts like these in a boutique today, and I was like, "I want to make those!" You need to do a tutorial, or at least give me the link to one, if you used one. So cute!