Friday, June 17, 2011

Beach Trip 2011

Last year we went to the beach with Ryan (Eric's brother) and Alyssa and our good friends Shawn and Krystal. We had so much fun that we decided to do it again this year! We doubled the number of children in the last year so this year we got a big house instead of a condo. The girls loved it and we all had so much fun!

me and my little angel baby

Maci digging in the cooler while Dane gets fed

Brooklyn basically spent the entire time at the beach sleeping. She's not really a fan of the outdoors.

Shawn, Victoria, Krystal & Nora

The boys

The girls

Delicious crabs

Shawn working away on the last crabs
These little girls spent a lot of time watching Cinderelly and Belle (and walking around the house in dress up shoes)

a story with daddy

love my little girlies!

cute girls in red sunglasses

We also played pool, dominoes, made yummmmy meltaway cookies (and had to borrow a mixer from the owner of the house, which resulted in her buying herself a new one), shopped, got ice cream and went out for dinner.
 We can't wait until next year!!!

p.s-i just updated my blog so i could fit bigger pictures and i have no idea what im doing. it looks ridiculous right now. i can't figure out why some of the font is miniature and some is normal size. maybe my next post will look more normal.


Erika Sullivan said...

Hilary, your girls are so cute!! And didn't you JUST have a baby? You look so good! I am officially depressed. Looks like so much fun!

Sommer said...

What a fun tradition! You all look so so wonderful for just having babies in the past year... well actually you all just look wonderful period, forget having babies recently lol. What wonderful pictures!