Monday, May 2, 2011

Good Friday, Easter & Oma

Last week we drove to Canada for my Oma's 90th Birthday. It was so fun to be back home (it's been a year) and see all of my family and friends there!

This was on the Good Friday walk with my sister and our friends growing up-Robin and Sarah. Now we each have 2 kids! I haven't been back for the good friday breakfast and walk for YEARS! So it was fun to be there for it this year.
Katrina, Sierra and Talia with their walking sticks.
Me and Sierra with my dad

Little sleeping Brooklyn
my cute nieces: Talia holding Brooklyn above and Katrina below

my mom was being ridiculous putting this bonnet on Brooklyn haha poor girl
Amber and me after dinner with Russ and Eric at Crabby Joe's
Sierra's easter baskets. I wanted to do something outside for her but it was so cold and rainy that day.
My mom with her granddaughters. Katrina, Brooklyn, Sierra & Talia
Oma with Brooklyn. Funny story. She kept telling everyone that Brooklyn was 'heavy'. We were just like 'I guess so....She's in the 10th percentile, but whatever" lol Later we find out that she was hinting that she was getting tired from holding her. Oops. Sorry Oma. :)
All my cousins on my dad's side. It's so fun to all be together again. We grew up really close and saw eachother all the time. I miss them!
Everyone with Oma, the birthday girl!
Girl cousins (minus Heather) Kimberly, Amber, Joanna, Hilary, Vanessa & Denise my cousin Rob holding Brooklyn

This is my Oma with her niece Mannon who flew all the way from Holland to be at the birthday party and to meet all of her relatives in Canada. It was so cool to meet her and she was so sweet! She brought back presents for EVERYONE!

Me and Amber with our cute 'little' brother Brandon.

Looking at these pictures makes me want to go back and visit again already!


Heather said...

Hil, will you send me that pic from good friday? It's great!

Mel said...

Hilary you are gorgeous, seriously did you really just have a baby!!! You look awesome. And your girls are the cutest things ever. You should have 10 kids because they would all be so beautiful. I love The accessories you have on Brooklyn. She is a doll!

McKinley said...

Thanks for your comment and entry!!! Yes, that works on FB. I didn't realize it was a friend request. Isn't it the best place ever? I agree!!! Seriously coming back to UT and driving here was a rude wake up call ahhahaah. It is fun to see your easter weekend. Your kids are so cute!

Sommer said...

YOu have such a fun family! SOunds like you had an amazing time. I love the story about your grandma hinting that Brooklyn was too heavy, hilarious!!