Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 6: Notre Dame and Versailles

Notre Dame
Eric trying to feed the pigeons with...nothing.


The Kings Bedroom
The Queens Bedroom

Once again our camera is sucking it up at night. The building was really beautiful though.
The courtyard
The gardens

We went to a mexican place to eat. Don't ask me why. It was hilarious though because the three other groups in there were also american.

I got fajitas. They were disgusting. Are you surpirsed? Included in them were broccoli, peas and olives. Interesting mixture.

As we were walking back to the metro we heard Michael Jackson playing outside, as we got closer there was a huge crowd of people around a skating rink cheering.

Oh dear.


Mel said...

I have loved your recap of France. Hilarious that you hated the food, sounds like I would be! It is such a killer to leave your kid/kids behind but so fun for the marriage. I always hate leaving but am fine once I get there. How many days were you there? It looks like you guys had fun.

Also I am not a museum or art person so was laughing that you guys aren't either! I see your humor in the whole trip and am laughing along!

The Pierce Family said...

I have loved looking at all the pictures from your fabulous trip! David and I are so jealous.

mommakp said...

WOW!! Paris huh!? Thats awesome! I love your blog, I'm having fun looking at all your posts and pics!! You have cutest little family!