Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Adventures in Paris Day 1: Bastille

Stowaway. haha
Saturday evening we left our baby with Eric's parents (which was complete torture to say the least) and embarked on our 8 hour flight, which we almost missed due to horrible service at the Dulles Airport. They had 2 xray lines open at security for about 500 people.

We arrived in Paris, France on Sunday morning. Our taxi driver told us he could take a visa, so off we went on our 45 minute drive to our hotel. When we got there, suddenly he could only accept cash. But we didn't have cash! Those taxi drivers really know how to get you. We ended up getting the hotel to give him cash and add it to our tab. Phew.

Our hotel was really pretty and completely redone. The only problem was that our room was the size of my baby finger. Seriously it was really small. Apparently that's normal for hotels in Paris. At least it was clean. We decided to order a pizza from Dominos since we were starving and tired and it seemed like a safe option. Not so. The pizza was quite disgusting. It had chunks of dry powdery cheese underneath the normal cheese and a strange spice on it. That was our last time ordering pizza in France. haha We basically slept all day and woke up at 8pm. We ventured out to explore Bastille (the area in Paris where our hotel was). Here are the pictures from day 1:

Indiana Cafe: Cheeseburger(very pink) & Fries
Eric got a chicken quesadilla (we were playing it safe, obviously)

The soda here was equivalent to $6 US for one bottle. CRAZY.
Crepes! SO yummy. The desserts here are MUCH better than the food.
Eric got banana sugar and whipped cream (sucre banane chantilly), I got lemon sugar (sucre citron. Erika's recommendation)
Colonne de Juillet
This monument is in the center of Bastille and marks where the Bastille prison stood and was mobbed in 1789 at the start of the french revolution.

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Erika Sullivan said...

yeah! I'm glad you got my recommendation, and I have to say, the food in France is superbe, but perhaps an acquired taste. I never went to American chains there (except McDonald's) because it's just not the same. But we found that McDonald's tasted the same. Anyway, I am jealous, it looks like it was a fun time! Why did Eric go there for meetings? Oh, and I'm glad you went to the Louvre. That place is big, you could spend days in there.