Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 4: Louvre

Today was Eric's second and last day of meetings. AND he got home at 4 which was nice because we still had a lot of the day left!
So off we went to the Louvre!

We spent a lot of time in the subway! We had totally mastered the system by the time we left. It was kind of fun riding it everywhere. My favorite was when people would play instruments on it. So entertaining. But you could tell all the locals were so over it.
the glass pyramids

It was hard to get to the front of the crowd to get my pic taken with ML. I think my smile looks kind of like hers.
Pretty ceilings

In the medieval area
Oh Eric.
Admiring the art.

I liked all the baby sculptures.
If you are really into art, you can probably tell that we are not. The louvre is a beautiful museum, had lots of cool things in it and was really neat to peruse. But we had no idea what we were looking at most of the time. It was still fun though. That thing is huge! We got lost many times. We kept laughing that certain people we know who are very into art would want to kill us if they saw us in there.
Afterwards we went to the cutest little choclatier and got gelato. It was delicious! we got a really rich chocolate, straciatelli (a white creamy base with chocolate shavings) and marrons glace(chestnut candied in sugar syrup and glazed). There are chestnut stands EVERYWHERE in paris. They are obsessed. The lady was funny when we were trying to order because she couldnt think of what marrons glace was in english, before we left she showed us a picture she had drawn of a chestnut. So cute.
I couldnt resist this HUGE cotton candy after we ate our ice cream It was just so big and pretty!

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