Friday, July 3, 2009

A Day with Amber & Russ

Why is it that when you have time to blog you have nothing to write and when you're crazy busy you have way too much to write? Things have been CRAZY around here lately! But I need to get back to finishing about our Canada trip so more on the craziness later!
Friday we picked up some Swiss Chalet and then went go carting with my little sister Amber and her BF Russ on some pretty fast go carts at a pretty ghetto place but it was PRETTY awesome.

Me and Amby with Sierra before we left her for the day (don't worry she was happily eating some cheese with her bed head ready for a fun day with Grandma)

Eric taking a little snooze on the way there
What did I tell you? G.H.E.T.T.O!
That wasn't the course we raced on, or the carts we used. Just a little scenery outside the building. Apparently that course used to be used but since they made the carts faster and louder, they arent allowed to race outside anymore.
Am & Russ with his big truck
After go carting we went to Dairee Delight for some delicious ice cream. Unfortunately we didn't take a picture, but I do have these little gems from two years ago. And yes that is a hot dog posing as a banana split on the sign.

Good Times.


brandenandrobin said...

Dairy Delight has to be my favourite thing about Brantford. The twist cone is the best thing on the planet!

Ryan and Jacquie said...

i love the special pic. lol. amber and eric have slight retard syndrome there. lol. wait, is that bad that i just said that? sorry. anyway...i miss dairee delight!