Monday, July 20, 2009

Our Little One Year Old

Since I haven't updated Sierra's accomplishments since she was 10 months old I thought I better get on that before she's 2 and i've forgotten everything!
So in the last 2 and a half months Sierra has:
-learned how to go DOWN the stairs. So basically if i let her she will go up and down both flights all day long. she is OBSESSED.
-she stands really good by herself and has taken several steps! she is well on her way to walking. (she took her first steps on her 1st birthday party 2 days before her birthday)
-she loves opening the cupboards and taking everything out of them. especially the spices, zip-loc bags and dish towels.
-she says no, uh-oh, thank-you (sounds more like dah doo) and will try to imitate pretty much anything we say.
-she loves the couch. if you put her up there she gets really hyper and starts laughing and throws herself against the cushions and falls down. and if you are sitting on the floor in front of the couch and look back at her she thnks it's hysterical.
-she has 9 teeth. one is a molar.
-she weighs 16 lbs 6 oz and 29 inches tall.
-she loves the water
-she is a climber. she always finds a way to get over any barrier we create. especially one that blocks the stairs.

getting over the stairs barrier

VERY pleased with herself for getting over it. rascal.

with her friend Victoria


Brittany and Matt said...

Thanks for the comment Hilary!! I've been checking your blog out since you were pregnant ahhaa! Sierra is adorable, glad everything is going great for you! by the way..they make gates to block little climbers -we have several!! :]

Mindy Williams said...

She is so tiny! I thought my girls were tiny, but Anna was 17 lbs at a year and Rachel was 18 pounds. You better beef her up a little so you can turn that blasted car seat around! Well, I guess she is 1 now, so maybe it doesn't really matter! Super cute girl!