Monday, July 13, 2009

Hippo Pool

Sierra got a little hippo baby pool for her birthday from her Uncle Kye (Eric's oldest brother)she was so funny in it the first time I filled it up. She loved it for the first 5 minutes and then she just kept wanting to crawl out and go on the grass. The only problem is that our grass is HIDEOUS. It's really rough and patchy and so she didn't want to crawl on it and she was walking on her hands and feet like a little monkey. If you've spent any time with Sierra you know she is OBSESSED with the stairs. So the best part about the whole thing was that all she cared about was trying to get over to the stairs from the pool and those are hideous too. They're rough and not good for little baby knees.

liking it

getting out

sitting in mommy's chair

little monkey

heading for the stairs

this video is random, i'm not sure why I took it, but she's just so cute so I guess I'll post it anyways. haha


Heather said...

lol, I love how she sings/chatters the whole way to the stairs (ending with the growly voice)- she's so cute!

The Pierce Family said...

What a cute little pool. Sierra is definitely a cutie!

Ryan and Jacquie said...

i love the hippo pool! her crawling to the stairs is so cute and i love her chatting too.