Monday, December 17, 2012

The Big Move

Well this is a little late...

In August Eric was offered a good job at Xerox Business Services in Draper Utah. So we found renters for our town home, packed up with a lot of help from my parents and moved across the country! The drive actually wasn't as bad as we thought it was going to be. The girls did fairly well. We stopped at hotels 3 times which made it a little more bearable.

So far we really love Utah and are excited to be here! After lots of searching and researching we decided to build a house in Herriman. It should be done at the beginning of April, which I'm sure will seem like FOREVER. They are supposed to start digging today!

The two sad things about moving are being farther away from my family (much to my mom's dismay) and leaving our wonderful ward and friends in Maryland. :(

To all our Utah and Idaho friends-let's play!

My dad made it his full time job finding boxes, wrap, and cardboard. Here he is just laying some plastic out to dry in the backyard.

Our last day in our Maryland ward. The girls were obsessed with these little squirrel and bunny lawn ornaments and had to say a final goodbye to them. haha

Our living room taken over by packing supplies.

Brooklyn decided to color the wall with a sharpie as a little going away present to our new tenants. (it came out so easy with rubbing alcohol!)

We took one last trip to Broom's Bloom with Sierra's little friend Adelyn and my friend Shelby. :(

Cute messy friends

The chaos really wore Sierra out.

My parents took the girls to the park while some of our friends from the ward helped us move our furniture onto the truck.
Last night in our house-Sierra sleeping on the floor in our room

On the road! The girls were out cold before we even got on the freeway! (we left at like 10:30 pm)

Sierra was pretty stoked about all the hotels! The girls were actually really good on the 30 hour drive! It was way less brutal than I thought it would be. Don't get me wrong- I never want to do it again but the girls were troopers!


Just Another Blog said...

Cute pictures! It might be 5 or 10 years from now but we will visit you in UT someday haha Glad you are liking it and congrats on the house!

Danavee said...

Hey!!!!! I just replied to your question regarding the onions! It's over on my post! Just didn't want you to miss it! :)