Monday, September 10, 2012

Homeland Part 2

We played at the park after a photo shoot with my sister.
We visited our friends - the Cochrane's farm
and we went to dinner at Montana's, always a favorite while we're in Canada!

Cousins! Talia pushing Katrina and Sierra
Brooklyn found some sweet shades
feeding the pretty horses
Sierra and Katrina-besties. They are soo cute together!
Sierra being brave feeding the cows!
She could NOT handle the manure smell haha
Brooklyn being an infant


My dad promised Sierra they would water the plants together on our last day there, but it poured that morning! She still realllly wanted to do it, so out they went in the rain! What a good grandpa. ;) Sierra is rocking one of our old school sweatsuits from when we were little haha

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R+M said...

Cute photos, your family is so cute!
We were in Canada last week so some of those pics look familiar :) glad you had a nice time!