Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rochester, New York

My little brother, Brandon, got back from his mission in Sacramento, CA right before we left for Hawaii. Which worked out fine, because we planned to get back 2 days before his homecoming talk, and drive down for it.
Too bad I managed to leave my permanent resident card (you know, the little thing that allows me to visit my family in Canada, takes at least 3 months to replace and costs about $400 to do so) in our hotel room.
Pretty sucky. So we missed it. I was heartbroken, and we felt terrible.
So to sort of make up for my hideous mistake and so that i wouldnt have to wait 5 months to see him, we drove up to Rochester and met my family there for a few days.
Mostly we ate, swam, shopped and went to the zoo.

Sierra loved hitting the buttons on the dvd player with her toes. (amusing? not so much)

Sierra loved the pool and especially the hot tub.

The carousel at the mall with Auntie Am

Before it started moving...

She was terrified

"Don't like it!"

Safe on the ground eating nuggets :)

At Red Robin after a loooong day at the mall. I could really use a milkshake right now.

Grandpa and Grandma with Sierra. A few minutes after this picture was taken Sierra dumped a pretty full milkshake all over the booth and my mom.

She was a little excited. Maybe it was all the sugary lip gloss she basically drank.


so cute. love the height difference. uncle brandon is a little bit tall.

seeing the tiger, the main animal she was excited about.

sierra loved the sea lion room. not for the sea lions, for the running around without shoes on and pushing her stroller. i think this was her favorite part of the zoo. lol

a little pose. such a grown up girl!


tired. we spent a lot of time in this room. haha

she also loved this elephant. a lot more than the real one which she had no interest in.

a couple monkeys. this was not an easy position to get into with a huge belly. haha

tuckered out.

See you all in December when baby #2 is here!

Love you guys!

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The Pierce Family said...

Looks like you guys had a really nice visit with your family. Loved all the commentary of the pictures of Sierra...too cute and funny!