Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bye-Bye Brando!

We just got back yesterday from visiting my family in Canada. We went up for my little brother's mission farewell. I can't believe he's old enough to be on a mission because he is still just a little boy in my mind. I am so proud of him though and hope the time goes by fast for him and us! He is serving in the Sacramento, California mission.

While we were there Sierra got to meet lots of family and friends. She also really started smiling and laughing a lot. It was really fun to be home and I was sad to leave, especially since my parents had to say goodbye to their son and new grandaughter all in one day. Torture! Here are some pictures of our fun week.

Oma loved Sierra

Baby back ribs & chicken wings on the barbie-thanks Russ!

me and amber were awesome at horseshoes haha

me and my niece

Matt & Vicky meet Sierra

One last hold before his mission...she'll be two when he gets back!

Off to the MTC

blending in with the brantford ward missionaries

dutch store cake-yummy

Brandon the missionary


The Musson Family said...

What great pictures Hil! It sure was nice to see you and Eric again and meet that cute little girl. I can't believe your brother is old enough to go on his mission either. So enjoy every minute of that little girl's life. The time will go bye alot quicker than you think.

Susan said...

Ummm....did you just have a baby? You could have fooled me! You're tiny! WOohoo! Must mean the breastfeeding is working!'s the best diet ever. Baby looks so big too!