Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Alyssa's Baby Shower

I'm a little late on this post, but a month ago I threw my sister-in-law Alyssa a baby shower. She should have her twins any day now! It was really fun planning it and putting everything together! Of course once the day came I was running around like a crazy person and didn't even have time to get my camera. Luckily Alyssa took a few with her camera and then I used it to take pictures of her opening presents and of the guests and stuff.

the invitation

sugar cookie favors

before the guests arrived

me stressed out haha

pinwheels and diaper cake

birdie water

Aunt Carol and Eric's mom (who helped me with the food) They are so cute!

Aunt Carol's delicious fruit tray

Alyssa, Eric's mom, Aunt Carol, Mary Ann & Krystal

The lighting is horrible, I guess I should've shut the blinds. :)

Kim, Carrie, Audrey, Carol, Kara & Valerie playing baby bingo

Sommer & Elinor


Jacquie loves Ryan said...

Hil, you did such an amazing job! I love EVERYTHING! Did you make the pinwheels and diaper cake? The sugar cookies looked yummy and all the food looked delicious. Way to go girl!

Megan and Jonny said...

So cute!! But I wouldn't expect anything less from you--you're amazing! I wish I could have been there. At this point I guess I'll just drop her gift off when I take her a meal...

Maria said...

How fun. I still think it is so funny that you know Sommer! The world is so small!

Serena Cherry said...

So so cute! I love the pinwheels. Everything looks so great! I love the stressed out pic by the way, it is awesome!

Jared, Brittany and Ethan said...

you are so creative!!! it turned out sooo cute!!! looking at the food makes me hungry!!! awesome job!

Lloyd's Tribune said...

This was such a fun party with nummy food=) I couldn't tell u were stressed ,btw your sooo creative! Loved all the baby decor!