Sunday, April 4, 2010


Sierra lost her favorite doll a little while back while we were shopping at Macy's. She is obsessed with this doll and it was quite depressing when after an hour of searching the department store she was nowhere to be found. We decided either the clean up man threw her out or some other child decided to take her home because we seriously searched everywhere in that whole store and made follow-up calls.
There may or may not have been a few tears shed by me on the way home as she cried for dolly.
We searched the internet and even considered making a special trip back to NYC to see if dolly was still being sold at FAO.
Luckily my parents took a vacation to florida and stayed at Vacation Village where they happened upon a doll store that had Dolly! We could hardly believe it.
Sierra hasn't been able to put her down ever since she got her back. Her favroite thing to do with dolly is to hold a piece of her hair and smell it. Strange, i know, but it's pretty much her favorite thing to do.

Please excuse Sierra's ratty morning hair.


Serena Cherry said...

Such a cute reunion! I loved hearing her say "Dolly!" It is so funny because I have heard of parents buying back ups to their childs favorite toys or blankets, but we have never lost anything yet!! Now I probably will because I just said that! Sierra is so cute.

Jared, Brittany and Ethan said...

she is adorable! i love her reaction when she pulled out her leg!!!

Lake said...

too funny!! Cute Sierra!

Sommer said...

That was such a sweet video! I love how she kept kissing her dolly even before you guys told her too. What a little angel sweetheart!