Friday, April 23, 2010


My SIL Ashley introduced me to some design blogs and I have been spending/wasting A LOT of time on them over the last few days.
I love design and this design blog obsession is getting a little out of control because my list is getting fairly long of all the things i need to buy to do a bunch of these crafts.
Spring = craftiness apparently. Last week before I started reading these blogs i had already painted a mirror frame that i didnt like, painted a picture frame i didnt like and made a jewelry holder because my jewelry collection was a MESS. I could never find anything.
Well Sierra just woke up, but possibly some pictures coming up in the near future if any of these crafts turn out good and are actually easy!

random post, i know.


Heather said...

I want to see the jewellery idea- I need a solution, too!

Serena Cherry said...

I want to see photos!