Thursday, May 14, 2009


I have been in a blogging rut lately! Also I haven't really been taking many pictures. We've had stuff going on, but I guess I've just been lazy.
Mother's day was really good. Eric & Sierra got me some yoga pants from Victoria's Secret Pink and a shirt from Buckle which I love! Who doesn't like getting new clothes? Eric, his dad and brothers made Mother's day dinner and dessert for us which was cute and really good.
Tuesday we celebrated Eric's dad's birthday. We watched idol, opened presents and had cake. I actually did get a few cute shots of Sierra sleeping on her Grandpa and with me but they're on Erics mom's camera. I also weighed her while we were there and she weighs 16 lbs 4 oz according to their scale.
Other than that we've just kind of been hanging around the house. I attempted to trim our over grown bush (that has recently turned into a big white blossom) yesterday and cut the extension cord in half which was so annoying because I was waiting until Sierra went down for her nap to do it and then 5 minutes in I couldn't do anymore. So I had to wait until she woke up to go get a new cord and then wait again for another nap to finally get it done. Plus the bush looks hideous because I had to cut off a lot of the flowers to get it off of our step! But at least it's not taking over anymore. lol I also did some weeding with Eric's winter gloves on which was pretty sweet. haha I guess I better invest in some gardening tools now that we have a lawn.


Today I got some pics and videos of Sierra doing one of her favorite things-pulling everything out of her her bathing suit. hahaha I wanted to see if it fit her. She is funny. Here they are:

had to cut that one off and save her from the closing

Trying on her vest

Well Eric just got home from work and took Sierra out to run some errands so that I can relax for a little while. What a great husband! So I am getting off of this.


Sommer said...

I am so impressed that you know how to trim the bushes and stuff, wow, I have no idea how to do it but would love to learn. Siera is such a petite little thing, so beautiful!

Kimberly said...

she is precious and amazing job at trimming the bush proud...i miss you and lucky that you two are just an hour away from each other...i wanna come visit!!!

Mindy Williams said...

Nice looking bushes, baby! I wish we were still around to have BBQs. Boo hoo. Sierra is a doll. I love the suit. I should tell you Old Navy was having their suits on sale last week...maybe still. They have the best tankinis--I won't do one piece diaper changes anymore, so just fyi, they have tons of cute ones. Miss you guys!

Ryan and Jacquie said...

nice job on the bush trimming and such. i love that you had to use eric's winter gloves for weeding. haha. you're such a dork!! and i love that sierra was pulling all of her clothes out of the drawer. haha!!