Monday, April 13, 2009


Thursday night we had a surprise party for Eric's mom. While we waited for Eric's dad to arrive with her, Sierra played with the doggies. She fits right in with them. They're just her size. haha Diego (the black dog) follows her around everywhere and has since she was born. It's pretty funny.

We all hid and blasted Eric's mom with silly string when she came in.

With my imitation Olive Garden Lemon Cream Cake

My sister in law, Ashley and her husband got bride and groom hats for their wedding and they managed to resurface during the party...

Alyssa admiring her groom

The not so happy couple and their child...hahaha

And that pretty much sums up the party. Good times.


HeavenlyHome said...

Ummmm....what a lovely couple you two make? But that cake sure looks fabulous!

Mel said...

FUN!!!! Aunt Vicki is lucky to have you as a DIL!!! You are awesome!

Alyssa Stephenson & Ryan Stephenson said...

Remember how Sierra would scream everytime we shot some silly string? She's so cute! That last picture of me is hideous!! I can't do serious faces for some reason, lol:)

Ryan and Jacquie said...

i LOVE the silly string attack. haha. and your cake looks delish. love the bride/groom picks. your quite the couple. haha.