Tuesday, April 7, 2009

9 Months

Our little baby turned 9 months old yesterday! She is getting so big! Or not so big because I took her to her 9 mo. appt. today and she only weighs 15 lbs 8oz and the pediatrition told me to start adding olive oil to her baby food to fatten her up. SICK. Other than that all is well and she is healthy and happy and active. Overly active in my opionion ;) She just had to get one shot today and was only mildly ticked compared to our last visits. New things the little rascal is up to this month:
-Standing and pulling herself up to any and everything that she can possibly reach. (she even goes one handed and her newest trick is bringing toys with her while she climbs)
-Walking holding on to whatever she's pulled herself up to
-Crawling like a real girl. No more of that amateur scooting stuff for her anymore. I guess she got bored of it after 5 months.
-Two new teeth, totalling 6 now! She got the ones on either side of her top front teeth. (and is still grinding those babies as faithfully as last month) On a side note we had a bit of a biting incident a couple of weeks back which was very painful and took 3 full days to heal. Lets just say I won't be trying to get her to laugh while nursing ever again.
-She had her first experience with grass a few days ago after a Sunday walk. She did not know what to think about it and kept lifting her foot off the ground and trying to re place it somewhere else. haha
-She can actually get food into her mouth now when she picks it up instead of losing it in her hand.
-She also loves slapping and hitting things and just the other day was hitting Eric on the head with the little suction thing they give you at the hospital and thought it was hilarious. Sadly I missed it.
Some new pictures and a video which pretty much sums up all of her tricks: When my mom was here visiting she bought Sierra a toy for 9 mos. and up. Sierra didn't want anything to do with it. Yesterday on the exact day she turns 9 mos. she starts playing with it! So funny. (ok, so i realize it's not that interesting to most people but my mom will like it lol)

And the video of everything combined (crawling, pulling up, walking, grinding teeth, slapping)


Mindy Williams said...

She is SO cute! What a fun age. My kids are tiny too and we were told to add cream and let them eat whatever they wanted. So gross huh? Never heard the olive oil. Ew. I swear now that Rachel is on the small side I just started table foods earlier and figure she'll just be petite and ain't nothing wrong with that! Fun to see all that Sierra can do!

brandenandrobin said...

man and I thought Jack was little, but Sierra would make him look HUGE!! She's soo cute! When I was watching the videos jack kept hitting the screen where her face was excitedly!! haha

Heather said...

Oh, I LOVE her!! :)

and what is with the difference in our children- Sierra & Katrina probably weigh pretty much the same, & if you don't get going with feeding her some oil, Katrina will be heavier ;) haha

Susan said...

IT's so funny how they just sprout so fast after they hit 6 months. I can't believe she's 9 months old already! That was your entire pregnancy. Does it feel like it? Do you mix her food with Formula or water?