Sunday, November 30, 2008


This year we went to Duck, North Carolina for Thanksgiving. My friend Serena and I drove down Sunday night with her two girls and Sierra. Eric and Chris drove down Tuesday night. It was so much fun! We were right by the beach and even though it was pretty cold it was so beautiful! There were 3 other couples up there with us who also stayed in the house. We went to the aquarium, shopped at lots of cute stores, played games, went in the hot tub, and lots of other fun things.
My birthday was on Friday so we celebrated with shopping, dinner at outback and ice cream cake!
It's always so nice to get away for a while. Thanks everyone who was up there for making it such a fun week and enjoyable trip!
Playing Rock Band-SO FUN!
At Sonic-yummy cream slushes!
Thanksgiving Day (Serena's little 4 yr old girl Lane took this-pretty good! haha)
Cute little Isaac & Lane cheers-ing
Some sketchy pictures in the house
Serena presenting her delicious sweet potatoes
learning early :)
tuckered out from shopping at The Christmas Mouse
Serena, Lane & Me at Outback
Sierra wants the ice cream!

Our last day at the beach

Sleepy munchkin on the way home


Maria said...

How fun! I love North truly is one of my favorite places!

Ryan and Jacquie said...

it looks and sounds like you had so much fun!!! i'm jealous :) so i noticed you called me back. i didn't realize it til late friday night and i've been going crazy and i didn't wanna bug you on the vacay. anyway, i'll try calling you tomorrow. i got your cookie lee catalog. thanks :) there's several things i want!!! but i might have to start with oh and your scentsy stuff will be there wednesday. ok i'm done. love ya!

Sommer said...

What a perfect week! Seriously it doesn't get much better then a house on the beach with friends and shopping! I absolutly love the picture of you and Eric that the little 4 year old took, you both look so happy and in love. The picture of you with your sonic drink is so pretty too, you have gorgeous eyes Hilary! And my goodness Sierra is getting big since the last picture I saw of her, I love her little outfit all bundled up on the beach. Oh and that is very interesting art work to get to look at while you eat =)We want to have you guys and the Atkinson's over for dinner soon, let us know when would be good, Thanks!

Shawn and Krystal said...

How FUN!! I wish i could have joined in on the shopping! Your Thanksgiving dinner looks delish! Glad you had a good time! Are you going to the cookie exchange tomorrow night??

Hatch said... my! I LOVE IT! I wanna go back, next week good for you guys? It was wonderful and you are delightful. I have to say that I am KICKING myself...I never did learn how to do the "update" notice for blogs. Nuts!

Shawn and Krystal said...

I forgot to tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

you don't have to bring cookies...only if you want to take some of other people's home, a cookie for a cookie ..I guess. I had forgotten about it too, and I'm not sure if I'm going yet. Shawn is sick and I hate to leave Victoria with him for very we'll see

Kimberly said...

I miss orange cream least when you saw the sonic you could order one and enjoy it...I still have 7 weeks of misery...haha...certain things about pregnancy sucks

Serena Cherry said...

Those pics turned out really cute! I hope you guys are feeling better these days!

Ku'ulei said...

So, so fun! Kenny and I are both drooling at the beach front. :) I want to play Rock Band!
Looks like you guys had fun.
HAPPY BELATED BDAY! Hope you got spoiled ROTTEN. hahaha