Saturday, September 20, 2008


Eric's parents are obsessed with Ledo's Pizzeria. I will say the pizza is pretty good there. But they get a little out of control with it. Every time we are going out for dinner with them it's Ledo's. Eric's dad kind of gets obsessed with places though. It used to always be Fortunato's and when I worked at Nationwide with him he loved to always go to this sports bar called Torino's. It's pretty hilarious. Anyways I decided it was time we got some pictures at our favorite hot spot. Plus Kye looked really cute holding Sierra so we had to get that on camera too.


Carl and Mel said...

Hilarious, love the Diet Coke in the picture with Aunt Vickie!! Love you guys, wish I could come with you to your hot spots!!

Kimberly said...

but very appropriate.... :) i have the pictures ill post them....eventually