Friday, September 12, 2008

Heat Rash

About 3 weeks ago we went to the pool. I love laying out in the heat and tanning and it has never affected me in an adverse way. Well on this particular outing i woke up the next morning with little red bumps all over my arms and legs that were SO itchy. They finally cleared up.
This month we got a charge for my tanning memebership. I froze it a couple months after I got pregnant and forgot all about it until the charge appeared this motnh. SO last night I finally had time to leave Sierra with Eric after feeding her and go tanning. I love tanning, it's so warm and relaxing and who desn't love a nice bronzed look? I hate being pale!
Anyways the point of this story is that I woke up this morning with the stupid heat rash back! What is the deal? I never got it before, why now? It is driving me crazy! I have itched the crap out of my arms and now have to continually rub ice on them or have a cold compress to cool them. Has anyone else experienced this? If so I need a cure!


Bethany said...

Oh Hilary! All I can say is that a lot of random weird stuff happened to me after Brooke was born, too. For instance, I couldn't even wear my wedding ring for about 6 months because when I put it on, within an hour my finer would have blisters where the ring was! My Mom said this happened to her after all of her babies. I'm sure after a few more months if won't happen anymore!

Ryan and Jacquie said...

oh no...again! this is tragic hil. i'm sorry. you're gonna have to join the ranks of the pasties for a while ;)

Serena Cherry said...

I was about to write the same thing as Bethany. I couldn't wear my wedding ring either! It would get weird blisters and get red and itchy! So maybe there is some connection to child birth and skin stuff. Anyway, I guess you'll have to get spray on...or lotion!

Susan said...

WEirdo things happen after you have a baby, like allergic reactions and stuff like that. I'd just stay away from the sun (or fake sun) for a little bit until they go away and then try it again. Maybe it's just been too long.