Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Brooklyn at 16 months

I meant to do a 15 month post, but I didn't have any good pictures of Brooklyn so I was going to wait until I got some. But now it's a month later and I still don't really have any good ones. Curse you i phone for being so easy to snap pictures so I never get my real camera out!
SO at her 15 mo appt. Brooklyn was 17 lbs 6oz. 28 1/4 inches tall. Still miniature and not on the charts but she is staying on her own little curve.
Brooklyn has just gotten too funny. She gets so proud of herself whenever she does something she thinks is cool. She tilts her head up with the most hilarious little grin on her face.
She isn't saying as much as Sierra was at this age. But LOVES imitating sounds.
The main words she says are momma, dada, ball, hi, and uh oh. She understands pretty much everything we tell her or ask her, but doesn't have much interest in saying anything.
She loves giving hugs and kisses, especially to my in-laws dog Apollo. She will wrap her arms around him and kiss him on the mouth over and over. It is out of control!
She has 6 teeth on top and 4 on the bottom.
She LOVES to look through books, mostly the paper (not board book) ones. Lets just say I've been doing a lot of taping of pages lately.
She's still really good about eating a lot and sleeping and taking her naps (usually 2 but can do pretty good on one when we have a busy day)
She is still such a mommy's girl. If I'm not in sight she's fine, but as soon as she sees me, it's all over.
We love our little brookalee so much. She cracks us up everyday!

she crawled up in there all by herself

proud face

she knows she's not supposed to get my decorations haha

With her favorite doggy Apollo and Uncle Kye

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